Essential oils have become part of many of our daily lives. Particularly those of united state who love to make our own beauty products. I recognize I’m no the only one the enjoys concocting recipes and am constantly feather in random places for various conversions and also such. In this post, you’ll discover essential oil fall conversions, an important oil dilution chart and also essential oil typical conversions all in one place!


Essential oils are highly focused herbal extracts that need a kind amount the caution and knowledge when using castle in DIY recipes, as organic remedies and also for aromatherapy practices. Simply one drop of an essential oil can be incredibly an effective which way we have to use the proper quantities that room safe because that our bodies to process.

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If girlfriend are brand-new to important oils, I have actually written a post covering every straightforward aspect of necessary oils-what castle are, just how to use them, wherein to uncover the best essential oils and also essential oil precautions. Also, if you’re trying to find which oils space the most versatile and also perfect for beginners, read my post on the peak 5 Most helpful Essential Oils.

Essential Oil Dilutions and Conversions:

I want to give you a location to find essential oil autumn conversions as well as an important oil dilution chart. Plenty of times this is the info you require in a pinch soI expect you find these crucial oil switch helpful!

For one of thebest essential oil switch calculator I’ve found go HERE. You merely input exactly how much important oil you space working v then select how you desire it converted. I have bookmarked this calculator because that sure!

Drop Conversions:

1 ml– 20 drops3.75 ml– 75 drops5 ml– 100 drops7.5 ml – 150 drops10 ml– 200 drops15 ml– 300 drops30 ml– 600 drops1 dram – 74 drops1/8 tsp. – 12.5 drops¼ tsp. – 25 drops½ tsp.– 50 drops¾ tsp. – 75 drops1 tsp.– 100 drops1 TBSP.– 300 drops1 ounce– 600 drops2 ounces– 1200 drops4 ounces– 2400 drops6 ounces – 3600 drops8 ounces – 4800 drops


Essential Oil Dilution Chart:

In the past, I’ve to be a bit foggy on proper dilutions. I often get asked exactly how much essential oil deserve to a baby take and what’s suitable for one adult. I’ve dug a little deeper and also found answers.

Why Dilute necessary Oils?

Essential oil are very potent and also can cause serious reactions if not provided properly. Also, when diluting vital oil through a transport oil such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil, you space able to ensure absorb to a bigger area that the body.

Using one oil undiluted or “neat” (essential oil civilization ling0) is proper in specific instances like bug bites, acne, a cold sore, pet bites, ear infections and also headaches. Ns personally keep “neat” applications exclusive to tea tree, lavender and also frankincense.

For fantastic resource in necessary oil safety, check out the nationwide Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.



Essential Oil Dilutions through Age:

.25% dilution – For youngsters 3 months-2 years.

1 drop per 4 tsp.3 drops per 1/4 cup6 drops per 1/2 cup.

1% dilution – For children 2-6 years of age as well as adults that feel they are sensitive such as pregnant or parenting women, but in most situations a dilution of approximately 2.5% is safe.

1-1.5% dilution – For kids 6-15 year of age.

2-2.5% dilution – for adults. This is typical for body products and massage oils. Because that facial skin care, a 1% is better.

3 – 10% dilution – used for assistance during specific kinds of injuries or acute illness.

25% dilution – For rarely occasions come soothe muscle cramps/spasms, bruising, etc.

If you’re pregnant be sure to review my article on Pregnancy and Essential Oils because that a list of safe and also not safe important oils for pregnancy.


This informations is not only advantageous for necessary oils, it additionally works because that ingredients like-hyaluronic acid, coQ10, hilurlip, wrinkles Defense, environment-friendly tea extract etc.

The over chart is for this reason helpful because most the these special ingredients only consist of 1-5% the the complete recipe. Therefore, if we’re do a 1 oz. Serum with 5% wrinkle Defense Complex, us would use a little over 1/4 teaspoon. I can’t tell you how numerous times I’ve formulated a serum or face oil with an additive and also had to inspect over and over to make certain I had the portion right. That can obtain so confusing!

Common essential Oil Conversions in ~ A Glance:

1/4 cup=4 tbsp.1/4 cup=2 ounces1 ounce=2 tbsp.1 ounce=6 tsp.1 ounce=30 ml30 ml=600 drops15 ml=.5 ounce1 tsp.=100 drops1 tbsp.=3 tsp.1 dram=1/8 ounce1 dram=3.7 ml1/8 tsp. 12.5 drops1% the 1/4 cup=1/8 tsp.1% of 1/2 cup=1/4 tsp.3% the 1 ounce=heaping 1/8 tsp.=18 drops5% of 1 ounce=heaping=30 drops

Where to uncover High Quality crucial Oils:

Mountain climbed Herbsis whereby I favor to get most of mine DIY beauty beauty ingredients and am very satisfied through their important oils. They space organic and also fair profession certified, i beg your pardon most important oil companies have the right to not claim. They additionally have a certified in-house aromatherapist to analysis their necessary oils to ensure constant quality.

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I’m likewise loving tree Therapy. They also have organic oils, free shipping and an extremely affordable pricing.