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I am trying to figure out how many feet there is in an 1/8 mile track. My local track has a very small drag strip, It"s not even an 1/8 of a mile long. I beleive it is only 320 or 330 feet. So if someone knows how many feet there is in the 1/8 mile that would be great. Thanks.
Much appreciated - Thank you. I pretty sure that my local track is only 330 feet, Making it only a 1/16 mile. Does anyone know how to convert 1/16 mile times into 1/8 mile times? I know that converting 1/16 mile times into 1/4 mile times there is a formula of taking your 1/16 mile time and multiplying it by 2.2.I am trying to figure out what I would run in the 1/8 mile. My 1/16 mile time slip is 6.8 seconds at 62 mph. Thanks once again for any more help.

Here is a link to an 1/8th mile conversion chart, it may help you with your 330" conversion.
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