Whether you’re making use of our standard Pots or ours Transplant-inators, you can be asking exactly how much soil mix or various other mediums you will certainly need. So…

…We’ve done the mathematics for you!

We understand that planning her grow contains a many calculations. Hopefully the chart below will assist save a couple of minutes. These our are own calculations based upon the actual size of Grassroots fabric Pots, rather than loosely based upon the approximate gallon size.

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The calculations likewise assume the whole pot will certainly be filled with soil.

Grassroots classic Fabric Pot SizesVolume/Soil Calculations1 cu yd fills how countless pots?Approx GalDimensionsCubic FeetCubic Yards… in decimals… in fountain (rounded)
3 festival Classic10″d x 8″ h0.360.01374.374 1/4
5 festival Classic12″d x 9.5″h0.620.0243.443 2/4
7 gal Classic14″d x 10″h0.890.0330.330 1/4
10 gal Classic16″d x 12″h1.400.0519.319 1/4
15 gal Classic18″d x 14″h2.060.0813.113
30 festival Classic24″d x 16″h4.190.166.46 2/4
45 gal Classic27″d x 18″h5.960.224.54 2/4
65 festival Classic32″d x 18″h8.370.313.23 1/4
100 gal Classic38″d x 20″h13.120.492.12
150 festival Classic45″d x 22″h20.240.751.31 1/4
200 festival Classic50″d x 24″h27.261.011.01
300 festival Classic60″d x 24″h39.251.45.73/4
400 gal Classic70″d x 24″h53.421.98.52/4
500 gal Classic80″d x 24″h69.782.58.42/4
600 festival Classic84″d x 24″h76.932.85.41/4
30 gal Shorty soil Saver30″d x 10″h4.090.156.66 2/4
45 festival Shorty floor Saver32″d x 14″h6.510.244.14 1/4
65 festival Shorty floor Saver38″d x 14″h9.180.342.93
100 gal Shorty floor Saver45″d x 14″h12.880.482.12
200 gal Shorty soil Saver65″d x 14″h26.871.0011
300 gal Shorty soil Saver80″d x 14″h40.701.51.663/4
400 gal Shorty floor Saver87″d x 16″h55.022.04.491/2
1 festival Transplant‐inator7″x7″ x 6″h0.170.01158.7158 3/4
5 gal Transplant‐inator11″x11″ x 10″h0.700.0338.638 2/4
15 Transplant‐inator16″x16″ x 14″h2.070.0813.013
4×4 increased Bed46″w x 46″l x 1.5’h22.040.821.221 2/9
4×8 increased Bed46″‘w x 94″l x 1.5’h45.041.67.603/5
4×16 raised Bed4’w x 16’l x 1.5’h96.003.56.282/8

*Note: 4×4 and 4×8 elevated beds room 2 inches smaller to fit right into a 4×4 or 4×8 tray.


We would certainly love to help answer any questions you have. If you are purchasing some practice sizes and also your dimensions aren’t provided here, provide us a call: (916) 822-2177.