A typical feature provided within all of the Microsoft Office applications is the cut, copy and also paste feature. I personally usage this A LOT. The capability to cut, copy and also paste within any type of of the applications and additionally between different applications provides a user through a high level the productivity.

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An unknown bonus that this duty is regarded the usage of the Office Clipboard. Often users will use the cut, copy and paste attributes repeatedly. Most users know that the clipboard is the place where anything you reduced or copy is stored until such time together you dough it elsewhere. What many people are unaware that is that the Office clipboard deserve to store approximately 24 different items you have either reduced or copied and you can then paste these randomly into your files in any type of given order.


Yep, it is right! You are not limited to only pasting the last item the you duplicated or cut from her file. You deserve to paste any mix of the last 24 items.

Now the means you attain this is through collecting items in the Office Clipboard. The clipboard generally stays hidden and does not display itself once we use the cut, copy and also paste features. Ns sure, choose me, that countless users merely use the keyboard shortcut combinations to usage these functions. Permit me now display you exactly how to utilise the full potential that the Office Clipboard.

Firstly lets open one of the Office applications, for ease of this write-up I’m walk to use Microsoft WordYou will be displayed with a empty documentIf you prefer, you have the right to now open any record which you are happy to use for this exercise, simply ensure you i will not ~ mind mixing up the stimulate of your content, or just make a copy of the fileI am using a sample record I’ve produced from some training notes which includes some headings, human body text, one object, and an image.


We will now explore some that the functions of the Office ClipboardTo screen the Clipboard, click the Dialog box Launcher button found in the bottom right corner of the Clipboard group on the Home tab


The Clipboard task pane will currently be displayed on the left side of the screen


To explore a couple of of the options available when working v the Office Clipboard, click the Options switch at the bottom that the job paneYou will see the following options:


Each the the alternatives will administer the adhering to functionality:
Show Office Clipboard AutomaticallyThe clipboard will automatically show up whenever friend copy or reduced content from your document. Ns initially enabled this setting, however, turned it ago off as it means the Clipboard is displayed every time you usage the cut, copy, paste feature.
Show Office Clipboard when Ctrl + C Pressed TwiceThe clipboard will appear if you press Ctrl + C double in succession. Ns personally have this setting enabled.
Collect Without showing Office ClipboardCopies content from your record to the clipboard repertoire automatically. Sounds like a great idea yet again I permitted this and turned it back off as it expected a lot of “You have a large amount of contents in her Clipboard…” message whenever i closed one application.
Show Office Clipboard icon on TaskbarWill screen the Clipboard symbol on the taskbar which gives you easy access to view or clear the clipboard together with advising how numerous items have been added to the collection.
Show Status close to Taskbar as soon as CopyingThis alternative will permit you to watch a tiny popup window appear in the bottom right edge of your display which reflects you the status of the Office Clipboard.
Now come copy and also cut some aspects from the documentSelect a heading and also press Ctrl + C ~ above the key-board (this will certainly copy the content)The heading should now show up in the Office Clipboard collection


Now select whole paragraph within the file and push Ctrl + C to copyYou will certainly now have actually 2 items shown in the clipboard collection


Repeat this process till you have actually 4 or 5 different items displayed in the clipboard collection


Now relocate either to a new blank document, if girlfriend prefer, or to the bottom of the current file you room working right into paste the elements back into our document you have the right to now usage the Office Clipboard to execute this functionTo paste, just click as soon as on the facet from the clipboard collection that you desire to paste, this deserve to be done in any type of order friend preferFirstly i am going to dough the shapes diagram


Continue to dough items in a random orderYou will notification when you position your computer mouse over each facet that a drop-down button appears, click the switch to watch the menu


The drop-down food selection provides options to either Paste or DeleteIf you great to remove an item from the Clipboard collection you can individually delete the element using the fall down food selection or you have the right to use the Clear All switch located in ~ the optimal of the Clipboard job pane


If you great to dough all elements at once into your document you can use the Paste All switch located in ~ the peak of the Clipboard task pane

Keeping contents in the Clipboard

A consistent question I watch relating to the clipboard is the worry of world losing the contents they had duplicated to the clipboard. I have seen plenty of users who have cut large amounts of data indigenous one record or file and plan to dough the content into another file only to uncover that as soon as they shot to perform the paste function, naught is available.

When friend copy or reduced content ~ above the Office Clipboard, that contents is being stored temporarily. The clipboard will prompt friend on what you desire to carry out with the stored content if you do not clean the contents yourself. If friend are just copying or cutting tiny amounts of data, then the data will stay in the Office Clipboard because that you to usage elsewhere. If yet you have reduced or replicated a huge amount the data, which is taking up far-reaching storage space, then the Clipboard will ask friend what you want to do with it.

Over the year I’ve viewed many computer users become an extremely neutral to seeing any form of message show up on the screen and also our immediate reaction is come click No. Generally, ns think world assume the answering No come a question on the computer, also if castle haven’t check out the message, will certainly never result in a an unfavorable result. Once working v stored content in the Office Clipboard that is no the case. To demonstrate this, follow this steps:

If you clearing the clipboard in vault steps, carry out a straightforward copy on approx. 4 headings or paragraphsDo no manually conserve your file, instead press Ctrl + W ~ above the key-board (shortcut to Close a file)You will be prompted to save the file, select your preference depending upon the kind of paper you are using for this exerciseEnsure you have actually closed all instances the Microsoft native which are runningYou will not see any type of prompts relating to the Clipboard data gift storedNow open the paper again which girlfriend were previously usingYou will see the Clipboard has the very same 4 items in the collectionNow choose the entire record content utilizing the Ctrl + A shortcutSelect Ctrl + C come copy to the Clipboard collectionNow repeat the procedure and close the document and exit Microsoft native (remember to conserve if friend prefer)You will now see an additional prompt appear:


This note is essentially advising that there is content in the Clipboard, perform you desire this available to use in various other applications after friend quit Word? If you plan to paste the contents that you have actually stored in the clipboard, into another paper or program, you must click Yes. If friend click No, anything being stored in the Office Clipboard will be deleted. Click Cancel will just keep Microsoft word open permitting you to proceed to connect with the Clipboard.

I expect this article on the Office Clipboard helps conserve you part time in your day. Please feel totally free to contact me if girlfriend have any kind of questions i beg your pardon I have actually not answered right here or if you are having an issue with a various feature of any kind of of the Microsoft Office applications.

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