A quarter in basketball describes the period of time in one ar of a basketball game. A NBA game is break-up into four, 12 minute durations that are described as quarters. The video game clock reads how much time is left in every provided quarter, starting at 12 and running all the way to zero. This happens four times till the finish of regulation. There is sometimes an overtime period of five minutes if the 2 teams room tied in ~ the finish of regulation.

How long are Breaks between Quarters in Basketball?

In between quarters in basketball, the breaks are called intermissions and also last 130 secs long. In particular the division in between the very first quarter and 2nd quarter, third quarter and also fourth quarter and also before overtime. These division are quick as there is a much longer break referred to as halftime in the center of the game.

Halftime is 15 minute long and also occurs between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Groups recede to your locker rooms come talk about what occurred in the an initial half and also what they have the right to do better in the 2nd half. The is vital to have actually a productive halftime in bespeak to check out serious development on the court.

How countless Quarters room there in a Basketball Game?

Usually, in the NBA or in high school, games are split up into 4 quarters, for this reason the name quarter. However, the duration of quarters differs in between high school and also in the NBA. There are four 12 minute soldier in the NBA while quarter-length have the right to be various in many different leagues because that high schools. In the NCAA they perform not play quarters, they instead play 2 20 minute halves.

Duration of Quarters


The term of quarters in high school deserve to differ, however it is typically eight minutes. The duration of soldier for the NBA is 12 minutes. In the global game, the length of quarters is 10 minutes.

How lengthy is a 4 minutes 1 in the NBA?

An NBA basketball game consists of regulation and possibly overtime quarters.

In regulation, over there are 4 quarters the last 12 minutes each. This method that there room 48 minute in regulation.

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Quarter 1: 12:00Quarter 2: 12:00Quarter 3: 12:00Quarter 4: 12:00

If the score is equal at the finish of regulation, extra soldier of video game time are played to identify the winning team. In the NBA, overtime soldier last five minutes. The team through the most points at the end of the overtime 4 minutes 1 is the winner.

International Basketball Level

The term of a basketball 4 minutes 1 at the global level is 10 minutes. Over there is a two-minute gap in between each quarter in the worldwide leagues. These quarters room two minutes less than the expression of a 4 minutes 1 of basketball play in the NBA. Additionally, these soldier in total have the same amount the time as 2 20 minute halves in university basketball.

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There are breaks in in between quarters in stimulate to offer the players a rest in order for them to be fresh and ready because that the begin of the next quarter. Halftime is much longer than the other breaks in between quarters in order to provide players an also longer chance to remainder for the half ahead of them and also to gameplan what they have the right to fix in their game. Lock can additionally talk about what they have been act well and also how castle can continue to carry out this in the coming half. Timeouts are additionally used to give players rest, so they space able to continue playing and also competing. Additionally, timeouts have the right to be used for player substitutions. Over there are likewise media timeouts, i beg your pardon are used by tv stations to stop for terminal identification.