how do i get much more Oran berries in Pokemon Heart yellow or spirit Silver come cure the Miltank above Olivine City native its illness? i did not create much more Oran berry in mine berry pots and also have run out of my initial batch. Is over there a Pokemon that can be holding that if I record it?



I understand you will find one more Oran Berry later on in the game; ns skipped the Miltank point (it"s not vital for perfect the game) and also eventually came across another berry, though ns don"t remember exactly where.

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You can get Blue Shards from shattering rocks, climate trade v the Juggler in Violet City.

But probably the easiest means is come send a Pokemon come the Refreshing ar area top top the Pokewalker. When you have 300 steps in one day, use the Dowsing an equipment and there is a good chance you will obtain an Oran Berry.

Once you have actually one Oran Berry, move it earlier to her game, plant it in her Berry Pot, and also water it regularly (about every 4 hours). Girlfriend should get several more, which you deserve to replant again and again.

One much more option: ~ above Fridays, the everyday drawing corner has oran berries as a third place prize. Prices 300 every drawing, deserve to be done as numerous times as you have actually the money because that it and also is an easy method to rack increase oran berries for the moomoo farm yard ahead the time.

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There are 4 ways to gain Oran berries:

1. Capture a Pokémon i m sorry carries Oran berries.

In HeartGold/SoulSilver, the following Pokémon have actually a 50% opportunity to bring an Oran Berry when encountered. Capture them or use a Pokémon with the move Thief or Covet (while delivering no item) to take the berry:

Pikachu (Viridian Forest, rare)Furret (Route 1, rare)Linoone (Many routes, while listening come Hoenn Radio)

The adhering to Pokémon have actually a 5% chance to carry the Oran Berry:

Sentret (Route 29, path 1)Zigzagoon (In towers, while listening come Hoenn Radio)

Bibarel, Pichu, and Raichu additionally carry the berry, but cannot be captured anywhere in HeartGold/SoulSilver.

2. Gain the Berry Pots item indigenous the flower shop in Goldenrod City.

The Berry Pots is a an essential item which allows you to plant berries and also grow brand-new ones. Water castle every 4 hours or more for ideal yield. The Flower Shop is basic to miss, together Goldenrod is a large city. Search all the back-streets till you uncover it.

3. Usage the Pokéwalker.

If you unlocked the Yellow forest route during the event, Pikachu captured on this route often carry Oran berries. Otherwise, lock are commonly found together items top top the Refreshing field route. No various other routes have the Oran berry.

4. Offer blue shards come Juggler in Violet City.

Shards are acquired by using Rock Smash ~ above rocks. The Juggler in Violet City will give you one Oran berry for each blue shard. The Pokéwalker courses Night Sky"s Edge, Scary Cave and also Warm Beach also carry blue shards as rare items.

5. Trade from another game.

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Oran berries are quickly grown in Pokémon Diamond/Platinum, and appear on wild Bibarel. Trading digital for any type of of the Pokémon listed above as moving Oran berries might show up some moving the berry. Additionally, shards were less complicated to come through in those games.