Dunkin’ Donuts began as a donut bakery shop earlier in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts and also since has become a worldwide franchise comprising more than 11,300 stores an international and 8,500 USA locations.

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Over the critical 20 years, Dunkin’ Donuts has strengthened its coffee brand significantly by presenting espresso-based drinks.

Dunkin coffee often tends to be much more affordable than other coffee houses. They are arguably much more popular for your coffee 보다 for their 52 ranges of donuts.

Most popular Dunkin’ Beverage


Dunkin' Donuts Brewed coffee is a renowned coffee sold in Dunkin' Donuts Restaurants. The figure listed is for your standard…

Caffeine quantities in Dunkin Donuts Beverages

Here’s the complete list of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and other beverages and their caffeine content.

BeverageSmall(10 fl oz)Medium(14 fl oz)Large(20 fl oz)Extra-Large(24 fl oz)
Coffee (Brewed)150 mg210 mg300 mg359 mg
Decaf Coffee (Brewed)7 mg10 mg15 mg18 mg
Extra fee Coffee*180 mg252 mg360 mg431 mg
Brewed Dark Roast117 mg164 mg235 mg282 mg
Espresso118 mg (single)
Americano237 mg284 mg371 mg
Latte118 mg166 mg252 mg
Decaf LatteDunkaccino58 mg85 mg119 mg129 mg
Hot Chocolate9 mg13 mg18 mg19 mg
Vanilla Chai54 mg80 mg107 mg
Salted Caramel hot Chocolate6 mg9 mg12 mg14 mg
Oreo warm Chocolate4 mg6 mg8 mg9 mg
Mint warm Chocolate8 mg12 mg16 mg20 mg
Hot Tea90 mg90 mg180 mgn/a
Hot eco-friendly Tea70 mg70 mg140 mgn/a
Cold Brew174 mg260 mg347 mg
Energy Cold Brew292 mg378 mg465 mg
Iced Latte118 mg(16 fl oz)166 mg(24 fl oz)252 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Iced Macchiato237 mg(16 fl oz)284 mg(24 fl oz)371 mg(32 fl oz)
Iced Coffee198 mg(16 fl oz)297 mg(24 fl oz)396 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Extra charged Iced Coffee*240 mg(16 fl oz)358 mg(24 fl oz)475 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Decaf Iced Coffee18 mg(16 fl oz)27 mg(24 fl oz)35 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Iced Dark Roast124 mg(16 fl oz)186 mg(24 fl oz)248 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Frozen Coffee196 mg(16 fl oz)295 mg(24 fl oz)393 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Frozen Chocolate(16 fl oz)67 mg(24 fl oz)90 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Iced green Tea42 mg(16 fl oz)64 mg(24 fl oz)91 mg(32 fl oz)n/a
Bottled Iced Coffee and also Milk(original)171 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee and also Milk(Cookies & Cream)189 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee and Milk(Espresso)153 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee and also Milk(French Vanilla)184 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee and Milk(Pumpkin Spice)187 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee and also Milk(Mocha)186 mg (13.7 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee Original(4 servings every bottle)1152 mg (48 fl oz)
Bottled Iced Coffee Vanilla(4 servings per bottle)1308 mg (48 fl oz)
Shot in the Dark Mocha128 mg (8.1 fl oz)
Shot in the Dark Vanilla127 mg (8.1 fl oz)
Shot in the Dark Caramel134 mg (8.1 fl oz)
Bottled Cold Brew Caramel136 mg (9 fl oz)
Bottled Cold Brew Midnight152 mg (9 fl oz)

*Extra charged hot and iced coffee contains extr green coffee extract to provide 20% an ext caffeine 보다 their initial coffee or iced coffee. Src.

A 2017 test carried out by BuzzFeed found Dunkin’ Donuts Brewed Coffee come average about 15.6 mg/ounce or 218 mg every 14 fluid ounces. This is just around 8 mg more than what Dunkin reports.

Flavored Coffees

In enhancement to the above-listed beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts has several flavored version of their brewed coffee and also espresso-based coffee drinks. Part are available seasonally and also others all year long.

The caffeine content of the flavored varieties are the exact same as above, relying on whether the is a brewed coffee beverage or an espresso-based flavored beverage.

The caffeine content in Dunkin’ Donuts coffee offered to be much less than other restaurants such as Starbucks, Peets, or Caribou coffee, yet this has changed.

Dunkin in the past used less ground coffee to make their brewed coffee and also their espresso-based beverages also contained less caffeine. This to be nice for consumer that didn’t desire the huge caffeine hit brands choose Starbucks were pushing.

This is no much longer the case. Dunkin’ Donuts now has beverages that have just as lot caffeine, if no more, than Starbucks.

Many offerings are right approximately 400 mg that caffeine, which is the recommended for sure daily dose that caffeine because that the median adult. However, the recommended solitary dose of caffeine is just 200 mg.



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