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Alright so allows say you sell 1 pound of honey for $5, would certainly you sell 16 ounces that honey for $5 or fill a 16 oz jar through honey (It would certainly weigh favor 22 oz)

A 32 oz. Quart canning jug holds simply under 3 lbs. Of honey by "weight" filled come the rim. So your 16 oz. Pint seasoned will hold just around 1 1/2 lbs. Of love husband by weight ... $7.50
A pound"s a lb the world around.

Not in Northeast AL. 99% the the neighborhood honey right here is sold by the quart. Weight is fully irrelevant come the customer.

I purchase 1lb honey containers and also fill them up to the top... Lock weigh, 1lb. I sell them for $6. 2lb containers hold.... Friend guessed it, 2lbs that honey.I offer a 12oz (weight) bear because that $5
I don"t think Alabama has actually a requirement however FDA does.A food item the is solid, semi-solid, or viscous is required to have actually net components labeled by weight.

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A quart of honey is virtually exactly 3 pounds. Ns agree the honey in phibìc Alabama is bought by the quart. Nobody right here compares price/weight, that is constantly price/quart. The does not typical we disregard labeling laws nor walk it invalidate them.
NW Alabama, 52 years, 20 colonies and growing, sideliner, treatment totally free since 2005, 14 framework square Dadant broodnest
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