For this problem, we’re being asked todetermine thenumber the oxygen atoms in 7.00 g of salt dichromate, Na2Cr2O7.

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Recall thatAvogadro’s Numbergives united state thenumber the entities current in 1 mole:

There are6.022 × 1023O atomsin 1 moleNa2Cr2O7

We will do the adhering to calculations to deal with for # of O atom in 7.00 g sodium dichromate:

mass → moles calculation for Na2Cr2O7 (molar mass)

mole Na2Cr2O7 → moles O

**Based top top the molecular formula, there are7 moles of O because that every 1 mole ofNa2Cr2O7

moles → atomscalculation based onAvogadro"s number

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How countless oxygen atoms room there in 7.00 g of salt dichromate, Na 2Cr2O7?

a. 1.13 x 1023 oxygen atoms

b. 2.30 x 1021 oxygen atoms

c. 1.60 x 1022 oxygen atoms

d. 0.187 oxygen atoms

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