On average, a cow produces about 440lbs the beef, which is enough to feed about 2,300 world one 3oz serving of beef each. This number have the right to vary greatly, depending upon the size of the cow and the serving size.

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Though this sounds impressive, cows can produce an ext than simply beef. Modern-day dairy cows produce between six and also seven gallons that milk every day, which deserve to then be used to develop dairy products like cheese, butter, and yogurt.


In this short article we’ll watch at every the various ways a cow can carry out food for people, and also dive in come the data surrounding just how much food is accessible from cows and also how many civilization that could feed.

On Average, just how Many people Can One Cow Feed?

According to ME Cattle, the typical cow produces about 440lbs of beef per cow.

A healthy and balanced serving of lean beef is about 3oz, therefore the mean cow have the right to feed roughly 2,300 human being one 3oz serving of beef.

1. Just how Much Meat can You acquire from One Cow?

The amount of meat friend can acquire from one cow depends totally on the load of the cow, however can be approximated through the formula (weight the cow) * 0.36.

Of course, every cow is various so yes sir a bit much more calculation involved to work out exactly how much meat friend can obtain from each cow. Farmers usage this calculation come ensure they deserve to make a living from their beef herds.

2. How Much Meat deserve to You obtain From The typical Cow?

In the US, the most typically farmed each other of cow is the black Angus, which is a derivative each other of the famed Aberdeen Angus increased in the united Kingdom and also weighs just over 1200lbs ~ above average.

Let’s to speak our cow weighs around 1200lbs while that alive. This is known as the weight “on the hoof” and is simply the weight of the cow prior to slaughter.

The cow is then slaughtered, skinned, drained that fluids and has the head and also internal offal removed. This removes around 40% of their weight and also gives united state the hanging load of the cow. In our instance this would be roughly 720lbs.

The hanging weight is climate butchered, removing all the usable cuts and transforming the rest in come ground beef.

After the usable meat has actually been gotten rid of from the bones, this is recognized as the “take house weight” or “final weight”, and is around 60% of the hanging weight. In our instance this would certainly be simply under 440lbs.

This way that on median you can get 440lbs the usable meat native the many common type of cow in the United says (the black Angus), consisted of of about 220lbs the steak and also other element cuts, and also 220lbs of floor meat.

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3. How Many world Can One Beef Cow Feed?

Each each other of cow weighs a various amount, for this reason it relies on the breed.

Using our formula indigenous above, combined with research study from research study from the university of Nebraska in come the median weight of various breeds, we have the right to estimate the amount of civilization each cow breed can feed.

Cattle BreedAverage weight at 7 yearsUsable Meat EstimateNumber that 3oz Beef Servings
Hereford1124lbs (510kg)404lbs2155
Angus1194lbs (542kg)430lbs2293
Charolais1311lbs (595kg)472lbs2517
Jersey1038lbs (471kg)374lbs1994
South Devon1214lbs (551kg)437lbs2330
Simmental1250lbs (567kg)450lbs2400
Limousin1205lbs (547kg)343lbs1829

How Many people Can a dairy product Cow Feed?

On average, a contemporary dairy cow to produce 28 litres of milk per day, i beg your pardon is simply over 6 gallons. (Providing the herd has enough pasture land)

According come the united state Dept that Agriculture, each litre the milk contains approximately 960 calories, which is equivalent to 48% the the recommended daily calorie intake because that men, and also 64% the the recommended day-to-day calorie intake for women.

This method that an typical dairy cow, creating 28 litres the milk every day would theoretically be sufficient to sustain 14 men, or practically 18 ladies on milk alone.

Although about theory possible, make the efforts to endure on nothing however milk would an outcome in malnutrition.

How many Cows would You need to Feed a Family?

The median american spend 222 lbs the meat per year. Since one cow produces roughly 440lbs that meat, we have the right to say that it would certainly take two whole cows to carry out enough meat for a family of four for a year in the joined states.

How Many civilization Could Live turn off One Cow?

According to our vault calculations, an average beef cow produces approximately 440lbs the meat, and also an average dairy cow produce 28 litres (6 gallons) that milk per day.

Looking in ~ the innuit diet, which consists mostly the meat, the was found that castle consume end 2lbs the meat every day. By this metric, we might expect the meat indigenous one cow to last for around 200 days, giving just end 2lbs of meat per day.

Though it would theoretically be possible to survive on beef alone, it might not be a good idea. In the same innuit study, that was likewise found the innuit civilization suffer from an extremely high prices of some cancers and have a much shorter life span than individuals with a an ext balanced diet.

Realistically, whether you have actually a dairy products cow or a beef cow, one cow would not be enough to sustain you there is no supplemental food sources, because beef would run the end after about 200 days and milk would not be nutritious sufficient to sustain life indefinitely.


In conclusion, an mean beef cow in the united says produces around 440lbs the meat, 220lbs of which is native steaks and other prime cuts, and also 220lbs from ground meat.

If an typical beef offer is 3oz, this way that a traditional cow, weighing just over 1200lbs would carry out enough beef because that an astonishing 2,300 servings the beef.

Although this is a lot of meat, the data native dairy cows is even an ext amazing.

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A standard dairy cow produce over six gallons of milk every single day, i beg your pardon would administer enough energy for 14 men, or nearly 18 females every solitary day.