An ion has atomic number 29, fixed number 65 and a fee of 2+. How countless protons go the ion contain? How plenty of neutrons go the ion contain? How numerous electrons does the ion contain? What is the chemical symbol because that this element?

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one ion has actually atomic number 29, massive number 65 and a charge of 2 plus. How many protons does the ion contain?

normally speaking, one ion is an atom or molecule that has actually lost or obtained electrons. For instance, lithium can form a lithium ion by providing up one electron. The ion in this question has properties of atomic number, fixed number, and also charge. Atom number and mass number only apply to solitary atoms. For this reason this ion have to be acquired from an atom.

What the question is questioning is how many protons there room in the cell nucleus of this ion. Come answer this question, we can fall ago on the definition of the atom number. The atom number refers to the variety of protons in the nucleus of the atom or ion the refers to. In our case, the atomic number of the ion is 29. So this ion consists of 29 protons.

How numerous neutrons go the ion contain?

The mass number of an ion or atom refers to the variety of protons add to the number of neutrons in the nucleus. This ion has a mass variety of 65. This gives us the equation that the variety of protons to add the number of neutrons because that this ion is same to 65.

From component a) we know that the variety of protons is equal to the atom number, which is 29. For this reason the variety of neutrons in this ion is equal to 65 minus 29, i m sorry is equal to 36.

How many electrons go the ion contain?

The fee of an atom or ion is same to the number of protons minus the number of electrons. This is because protons have actually a one to add charge. And also electrons have a one minus charge. Due to the fact that we’re given the charge of this ion, we deserve to work the end how countless electrons that contains. Because that this ion, the number of protons minus the variety of electrons is same to two.

together before, we know that variety of protons is equal to the atom number, which is 29. For this reason we deserve to rearrange the equation in regards to the number of electrons to equal 29 minus two, which is same to 27. Us can inspect that this makes sense through looking in ~ 27 minus and 29 plus, i m sorry will have an all at once charge of two plus. For this reason we’ve demonstrated the this ion will contain 27 electrons.

What is the chemistry symbol for this element?

for this reason this ion has an associated element. And also the aspect has an aspect symbol. Every facet is uniquely identified by its atomic number. In this case, we’re in search of the element with atomic number 29. Where have to we look? on our regular table. The regular table has all the recognized elements and also contains lot information around them. Each facet on the routine table has actually its own cell, which contains at the peak its atomic number and in the middle its aspect symbol. Therefore we’re looking for the 29th element, the cell which has actually 29 at the top. And also then we’re walk to find the chemistry symbol.

If friend look at your routine table, you’ll see the element with atomic number 29 is copper, v the prize Cu. For this reason the chemistry symbol because that the facet associated with this ion is Cu.

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If you want to, you might represent all the info in this question in nuclear species notation favor this, where the chemical symbol Cu has the linked atomic number, mass number, and also charge.

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