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It relies on a pair of things. Load of the round bale.......guessing roughly here a an excellent 4x5 bermuda bale would be 700-800 lbs. Weight of her typical tiny square. If your little square is weighing 60 lbs per bale then you would have actually 12-13 sm sq bales per round. As far as fescue....I have actually no clue as not lot of that here in central oklahoma.
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Those who make 4x5 round bales for themselves will make lock heavy, rotate the density up. Much less rolls come haul and also store.Those that make a 4x5 to sell about here earlier the weight down to 750 - 800 lb.I have seen little square bales you might pick up and load v one hand. That is all appropriate to exactly how much hay is placed in the bale or roll made by that particular machine.
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In this area, the usual 4x5 Fescue ring bale will weigh about 800 pounds.....the typical Fescue square bale will weigh around 40 that equals 20 bales.....on mentioned above, this have the right to fluctuate fairly a bit. But, this will certainly be a great general form estimate because that this area....but that is absolutely not hard fast.Regards, Mike
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Years back when i was milking ns weighed some of my 4x4 top top the mixer wagon and also they were roughly 700. An easy grass fescue,timothy, orchard. It seems that 700-800 for a 4x5 is top top the light side. Simply curious. I"ll have to weigh some this summer currently that I got those scales.
Years ago when ns was milking ns weighed few of my 4x4 on the mixer wagon and they were about 700. Simple grass fescue,timothy, orchard. It appears that 700-800 because that a 4x5 is ~ above the light side. Simply curious. I"ll need to weigh part this summer now that I gained those scales.
It seems mixed grass below will weigh off better than directly fescue.....Timothy and also Orchard grass will certainly average about 850-900.....dependant on walk a customs or 2 over or under of 60".Regards, Mike
Strictly by volume:4x5 round bale = pi * r2 * width, or (3.1459 x 30 x 48) = 135717 in3square bales = 14 *18 * 36 = 9072 in3135717 / 9072 = 15 square bales in a ring baleYou have the right to play roughly with the dimension of the square bale a bit and also probably need to add a couple bales because of the distinction in density between square and also round bales.

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In my suffer a 4×5 will certainly weigh about 7-750 if it"s an excellent and tight. A 4×5.5 will go around 1000-1050. A 5×6 will certainly go around 14-1500 and a 4×4 will go about 500.Big squares space a 3×3 will certainly be approximately a 4×5 and 3×4 will certainly go roughly 1100-1200. These weights are mainly mixed grass (fescue, orchard grass, blue grass some clover) and baled dry through no acid. Humidity plays a huge part for example hay that goes because that export you want at 10-12% when it comes out baler, in ~ a day it will warm up to 16% i beg your pardon is the cut off top top moisture. Those bales in a 3×4 will certainly weigh roughly 1000 pounds. Very same hay baled in ~ %16 through a tiny acid will weigh 1200. Because that the record it is hard to obtain hay at 10% in my area, 12 is achievable however still hard. In mine opinion many hay is baled by if the rattles, twist etc and also that will placed you about 15%. I"ve baled hay that you would swear was bone dry and also moisture tester says otherwise.