So, I assumed that I had my unit conversion an abilities down, yet after attempting this problem, ns guess ns don't. It appears that I'm having troubles converting back and forth in between squared units.

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The difficulty I'm given is: full U.S. Farmland occupies 954 million acres. How many square mile is this? (1 acre = 43,560 ft2, 1 mile = 5280 ft).

The method I check this problem was by doing this:

954 acre * <( 43,560 ft2 )/( 1 acre )> = 41,556,240 ft2 * <( 1 mile2 )/( 5280 ft2 )> = ( 41,556,240/5280 ) * 106 miles2

As you deserve to see, i waited till the end to tack on the 106, however I don't believe this is the problem. Ns looked up the answer making use of a unit conversion calculator ~ above Google, therefore I know I'm wrong, but I'd quite actually learn just how to do this together opposed to just putting in the exactly answer the I had to watch up.


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When you desire to uncover the lot of ft2 in a mi2, you have to say that, because there space 5280 ft/mi, there room then (52802 ft2)/mi2.

As because that tacking ~ above 106 in ~ the end, that's fine, however you can't equate the two terms then.

So what I typical is that, you have 954x106 acres, yet the work-related you did was solving for 954 acres, so girlfriend would obtain a systems for 954 acres and then present how it relates come the 954 million

Example, 5×109 kg that water, do the efforts to find the volume with thickness 1000 kg/m3: you can tack on 109 in ~ the end, however you'd desire to say 5kg * 1 m3/1000 kg=.005m3, so as such 5x109 kg * 1 m2/1000kg =0.005x109 m3

All together, that way that 954 acre * 43560 ft2/acre * 1 mi2/(52802 ft2)= 41556240/52802 mi2. So as such 954 million acres=41556240/52802 * 106 mi2

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Awesome, say thanks to you very much! I'm happy the answer was simply including on another exponent rather than something completely different come what ns was doing.

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