when reading Romans, can see Paul"s desire to go to Rome (which normally leads come the question, has the Apostle Paul ever been come Spain? - to which there is no record of the in the Bible). So, to me, the cern that the question depends ~ above the amount of times Paul remained in a prison in Rome.

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In the 2 Timothy 4:16-17

16 The first time i was brought before the judge, nobody came v me. Anyone abandoned me. Might it not be counted against them. 17 yet the mr stood through me and also gave me toughness so that I can preach the great News in its whole for all the Gentiles come hear. And also he rescued me from specific death.

which points come at the very least two time in a jail in Rome.

In the book of Acts we read about the three missionary missions and that he was in prison in Caesarea and also then in Rome.

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There are plenty of published "timelines" the Paul"s missionary journeys and imprisonments. Paul was brought prior to Caesar, first. We see him under residence arrest in ~ the end of Acts waiting for his trial.

Set free, he (presumably) took trip again and probably come Spain, according to his stated intentions. Again imprisoned, as we see in 2 Timothy, he to be tried before Nero. That is almost particular that he to be executed through Nero.

One can not be categoric around historical details no in scripture yet here is just one of the typically published "timelines" of Paul"s lifetime :


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