How many Cannabis seeds Per Pot?

It’s still simply one. There are a perform of things that deserve to go wrong if you try to plant much more than one. While theoretically, planting many plants every pot renders sense.

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You have the right to save money on planters, soil and also marijuana nutrients. But, in practice, over there is just too much that have the right to go wrong.

Multiple seed in One Pot

Unless your planter is HUGE, your plants room going to it is in fighting end nutrients and root space.

It’s not the same as planting three in an in-ground garden wherein they can stretch your roots.

In a planter your space is already limited, and placing an ext than one tree in a pot deserve to stunt both tree growth. Another problem you will do it run right into is sexing.

Unless you buying feminized seed from a reliable seed bank, you’re play a video game of hit or miss.

If you have a planter with two plants and also one turns out to be a male you’re in a actual bind. You can kill off the male, sure.

But the 2 plants roots can be bound come the females which will kill her too.

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Exceptions come the Rule: Breeding

There is one time that putting two cannabis plantsin one pot can make sense:


If you room low on space, friend might take into consideration putting a masculine clone and also a female three clone in the very same pot.

Since you won’t need to worry about separating the plants, this might work.

You’re also not so worried around thebud you’ll get from either the male plant (which is none) or the pollinated female, so you nothing need vast plants.

This makes the fight for root an are meaningless.

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Let castle Sprout prior to you Plant

Before you"re transplanting her cannabis to their final container, you have to be germinating them.

Germinating is done one seed at a time, so if you’re wanting to plant more than one seed reasoning that some won"ttake, don’t.

Germinated seeds v sprouted roots will sprout right into the seedling stage much more often than not.

If you’re no sure exactly how to germinate, be sure to examine out our overview on germinating three seeds. And also if the concern is money, plant your seed in thrive bags.

They room a lot an ext cost effective contrasted to clay or plastic pots.

Another cheap different is 5-gallon repaint buckets—that have actually never had paint in them of course. So, unless you setup on reproduction two plants, pole with just one seed every pot.

Do you know of any more situations that would require much more than one three seed every pot?

Also, be sure to inspect out this guide if you arrangement on farming in a greenhouse if you desire to get a few tips for a better yield.

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