In the mid-2000s, singer Akon made headlines after sitting down v Angie Martinez on her radio show to talk about his personal life and also beliefs. He confessed come practicing polygamy, an interpretation the separation, personal, instance believes in having an ext than one wife or husband.

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“I’m a polygamist,” he told the radio host. “I can afford to have as plenty of wives together I can afford to have. Every Africans think in it. My dad has 4 wives.”

How plenty of Wives does Akon Have?

Brought increase in a spiritual and social home, Akon is “married” to four different women, in enhancement to dating various other women casually. 

Akon has said, “The entirety purpose of dating is so friend can day this one, and also date this one, and date this one until you discover out, ‘Okay, this is the human I want to invest the remainder of my life with. Okay, now I commit come what’s called marriage.’

You find that one woman the supplies every little thing that you desire in a woman, of food that will be a an inspiration to stick through that one woman, but I don’t know no one woman that can satisfy every male one need. That impossible. Similar to there’s not one guy that can meet a woman’s every need, yet women aren’t built to breed favor that or girlfriend with an ext than one partner. Women aren’t developed that way, men are.”

He likewise revealed, “If America embraced that culture, there would be less residential disputes. The average man in the human being has a main girl and they acquired a next chick. And also then they gained a jumpoff. At the finish of the day together a male us are organic breeders through nature. We can’t even escape that if we wanted to.

Let’s speak you placed 1,000 guys on one corner and also one bad chick to walk past. You gonna view 1,000 heads go, ‘Damn.’ castle don’t also know why they’re act it. They’re natural breeders. The in your genes, they can’t aid it.”

However, it wasn’t precisely a secret that Akon is a polygamist, since he had actually revealed it self on Angie Martinez’s radio show in 2006. He said, “I’m a polygamist. I can afford to have as numerous wives as I deserve to afford to have. All Africans think in it. My dad has four wives.”

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Unfortunately because that the artist, his unusual lifestyle impacted his an individual life, adding, “It began affecting other human being that had nothing to execute with us. Since of that, (the label) said they don’t want me come promote the aspect, and also I can not talk about that as well much due to the fact that it’s ruining other people’s families and other things. Unfortunately, this is the civilization we live in, world do judge you by her beliefs and also how girlfriend think. It’s a complimentary country, but it’s really no free.”

How numerous Wives does Akon Have?

Although there has actually never to be a critical count that Akon’s “women,” the is legally married to one lady, and it is thought that his previous fiancée, design Rachel Ritfield, was meant to it is in his 4th “wife.”

However, she ended their relationship in 2007 and also quickly stated why:

“Akon’s reality examine came once he notified me that he had fathered his 6th kid with among his wives. For the very first several months, ns was absolutely terrified because, although ns was conscious he had actually other spouses, ns never thought about them due to the fact that his primary emphasis was always on me. Or so ns reasoned.

He does not live with his wives, however the birth of his newest kid carried everything into focus and taught me that ns would constantly have to share the male I love while understanding his various other relationships.

I was an initial extremely supportive, yet I began to wonder who was considering me if i was considering him and he to be considering his family. When I found that the answer was ‘nobody,’ ns concluded that I could no longer be a part of Akon’s universe…

There was never ever a point of contention. Akon to be upfront through me about his numerous wives native the start, which never interfered through our relationship since his wives reside in different locations of the globe; thus, ns reasoned, why repair something that isn’t broken? However, I’ve newly experienced a total adjust of heart.

My one desire because that Akon to be for that to it is in monogamous through me, but he was unable to meet it. I thought I could take the prospect of being one of his wives at first, yet who’s come say one more woman won’t success his heart? I quickly knew the was not the right male for me.”

Despite the breakup through Ritfield, Akon is officially married to Tomeka Thiam, v whom he has two youngsters (he has six children altogether).

Along through Thiam, that featured ~ above the many recent season the Love & i know good Hop: Hollywood with one more of his alleged wives, Tricia Ana. Numerous showgoers dislike her, saying she voice is irritating, her confront is emotionless, and she has devastating manners.

There are also allegations the she ended her connection with the singer during the show’s shooting and began see someone else.

Additionally, in 2018, there were reports the he was in search of a 5th “wife” to add to the family members after being seen out with an additional young lady.

Though an individual might legally marry only one person at a time, that hasn’t quit Akon from cultivation his family and also myriad of spouses. Each to their own.

Recently, it was reported that the musician had actually landed a $6 billion building contract to begin development of a metropolis in Senegal dubbed — wait because that it — Akon City.

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The city is booked to be finished in 2030, and also we’re specific that that will have actually enough an are for Akon’s four, five, or whatever countless wives he will have actually by then.