Grams, ounces, “eights” and also “quarters” are terms for weed measurements that deserve to be extremely confusing because that both beginning of the person and an ext experienced three users.

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Why space they confusing? since someone chose it would be a the majority of fun to take turns using the metric and also the royal system once measuring weed. So, if you walk to a dispensary to buy a little amount of weed, you’ll likely ask because that a gram, while many other amounts are measure in ounces. Whaaat?

Yes, and also there’s more of that confusing stuff.

Of course, we want you to recognize these vital terms easily. So, we placed together a guide that breaks down imperial and also metric weed measurements, consisting of a couple of visuals the will aid you have a clear picture of these amounts and just how much space they occupy.

(Important: The adhering to terminology refers only to flower, not edibles and also concentrates.)

Table the Contents

Eighth that Weed

You’ll hear human being say “an eighth”, or “a half quarter” and also wonder how much weed that is exactly.

An eighth of weed describes an eighth of one ounce. This is the amount of weed most commonly purchased by human being who usage cannabis moderately.

Converted to the metric system, an eighth of an ounce is simply a little over 3.5 grams.

An eighth that weed is about the size of a walnut. Relying on your appetite, you have the right to roll approximately 3 blunts, 3 come 4 large joints, or roughly 7 half-gram joints.

Fun fact: an eighth the weed is often dubbed a “slice”, or a “cut”. This is since pizzas are usually separated into 8 slices.

Half-Eighth that Weed

The name says it all: that one half of the eight of an ounce. Visually, it’s about the dimension of a bean. Definitely a magic p to some of us.

Although half-eights are hardly ever sold ~ above the market, it’s worth mentioning this term because you can still hear the from time come time.

Half-eighth the weed is around 1.7-1.8 grams – enough for several tool joints.

Quarter the Weed

Slang names choose “Q”, “quad,” or just a “quarter” describe a quarter of an ounce.

That’s 7.0874 grams, yet it’s normally rounded to precisely 7 grams.

Intermediate users normally like come buy a “quarter” which deserve to last for days or also weeks, depending on one’s frequency that use.

With a quarter of weed you deserve to roll about six or 7 blunts, or a handful of joints.

A 4 minutes 1 of weed is around the dimension of one apple.

Half the Weed

Following the very same logic, a fifty percent of weed describes a fifty percent of an oz of weed.

A fifty percent is 14.1747 grams the dried cannabis, yet it’s rounded to 14 grams.

With this lot the price really starts come break, although the will additionally depend ~ above the top quality of the buds in question.

A half of weed is about the dimension of one orange. If you desire to make some edibles, this is the lot usually forced in recipes because that making cannabutter, i beg your pardon is in ~ the main point of all canna-edibles.

Regular users prefer to purchase a fifty percent of an ounce so they don’t have to go every now and then to refill your stash.

A half of weed is perfect because that parties, road trips, and also other tasks of that nature.

Ounce the Weed

An ounce of weed is exactly that—a complete ounce. That’s precisely 28.3495 grams, and it’s usually offered as 28 grams.

You can regularly hear stoners abbreviate an oz to simply an “O”. An oz is likewise referred to together “zip”.

Now, this is a pretty big amount the weed, and very couple of places actually offer in this quantity.

South of the border, many dispensaries in the united state (where three is legal for recreational use) market ounce deals.

Buying weed in totality ounces is the most cost-effective way to buy weed for daily, high-volume users.

What walk an ounce of weed look like? It’s around the dimension of a coconut.

Before we proceed with larger amounts and climate switch ago to smaller ones measured in grams, let’s take a look in ~ this almost right visual representation of weed measurements.

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Quarter-Pound that Weed

In the cannabis neighborhood it’s well-known as “QP”, and also the name says it all.

A quarter-pound the weed amounts to 113.4 grams, or 4 ounces, and also is around the size of… well, 4 coconuts.