Most briskets variety from 10-20 pounds. There are some 20+ lb monsters out there and also some room in the 8 pound range but many fall between 10-20 pounds. After ~ trimming and also cooking friend will normally lose about half of the weight of the brisket. For this reason if you begin with a 15 lb brisket you will certainly trim away about a pair pounds and also during the cooking process it will certainly lose another 6 pounds or so. That would leave probably 7 or 8 pounds of meat as soon as all is said and done.

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14 pounds ~ above the left, 19 pounds ~ above the right

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So lets gain to the Carnivore Gift overview for 2021:

If you go by the 50% weight loss as a dominion of ignorance you can gauge how much meat friend will have to feed your crowd. Most civilization will probably eat ⅓ lb to ½ lb of meat. Therefore a 15 lb brisket will feed about 15-20 people.

Of food you will have to think about who will certainly be eating. If you space feeding a university football team you will probably want at least a pound of meat every person. For a family members dinner v children approximately you can probably lean in the direction of the ⅓ pound number. A couple weeks ago I began with a 17 pound brisket and we had 6 adults, 2 10 year olds, and 3 younger children. The adult all ate fairly a bit, the children not therefore much, and also I had actually probably 6 servings that leftovers when all is said and done.

As a dominion of thumb buy 1 lb of brisket per human being you will certainly be serving and you should have plenty. Add a couple pounds to that number and you will most likely have some an excellent leftovers together well.

Usually I would certainly rather chef two smaller sized briskets than one big one. 15 pounds is my sweet spot and also I favor to save my briskets around that size. So if i am feeding an ext than 15 world I will commonly just chef two briskets fairly than to buy a larger one. A few pounds the leftover brisket never hurt anyone and also it makes some great chili.

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If friend start obtaining to the 18-20+ pound variety the meat is so special you don’t gain a good ratio of exterior bark and seasoning to internal meat. Too tiny of a brisket generally way you will have actually a thin flat that can gain a little bit dry prior to the rest of the brisket is properly cooked. For this reason shoot because that something in the 14-16 pound selection if you can.

If friend shop in ~ your local Costco or butcher shop you might not have a lot of to select from. There have been times I have been come Costco and all they have are 18+ pounders. If you order virtual from snake River farms you deserve to pick the weight of the brisket friend want, all over from 9 come 20+ pounds. I would again suggest 14-16 pounds.