There are many potential reasons to market your diamond ring. Periodically your life plans have changed, you want to change it with a much better one, or that is an inheritance the doesn’t go with your style. The certain thing is the you desire to acquire the lot of money closest to the genuine ring value.

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Unfortunately, a pawnshop deal generally means that you gain a lot smaller amount because that the ring than you expect. Let’s see just how much execute pawn shops pay because that diamond rings relying on their estimated value, diamonds quality, and also your negotiating skills.

Pawn Shop business Model

Unlike a jewelry store, a pawn shop is not a store for buying and reselling pre-owned jewelry. As soon as you offer them a diamond ring, you actually gain a loan, leave it to guarantee that you will return the money within the i agree time.

In enhancement to jewelry, items the often finish up in pawn shops are digital devices, game consoles, and also art paintings. No issue what the item is, the pawn dealer will pay you just a particular percentage the the item’s value so the the one that pawns it can redeem that quicker.

Plus, the seller ensures to make money if friend don’t repay the debt. You have the right to say that there are plenty of similarities in a pawn shop and a bank business due to the fact that the pawn shop offers a type of loan to those that otherwise can’t obtain it. The downside is that the interest rate is much higher than the one fee by the bank.

Therefore, you need to understand that friend won’t acquire as much money because that a diamond ring together you or your fiancé paid because that it. At best, you deserve to make a transaction for 55 come 75% the its value.

1-carat, ring cut, VS1 diamond ring




Average sector price

Approximate pawning value$5,250 come $7,350$4,750 to $6,650$4,600 come $6,440$4,000 to $5,600$3,625 come $5,075

$3,000 to $4,200

For example, if her diamond ring costs $5,000, you can take into consideration yourself lucky to obtain $3,500 at a pawnshop. Top top the various other hand, expect to pay much more than you acquired once deciding to repurchase it.

Evaluate her Ring Appropriately

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It would certainly be wise to know just how much her diamond ring is worth before entering the pawn shop. The way, you will have a unstable idea of how much money you deserve to expect. The price the a diamond ring depends mostly on the rock itself. The 4C identify the high quality of the diamond, consisting of cut, color, clarity, and carat.

A pawn shop dealer will additionally appraise and examine the diamond visually by utilizing the magnifier prior to offering girlfriend a deal. Determinants that recognize the percentage of the ring worth the dealer will offer you include:

The material your ring is do ofThe method your diamond reflects the lightWhether the gem sparkles or notHow clear the diamond is

There are numerous online calculators you deserve to use to gain a stormy estimate in advance. Visit the site, get in the forced information friend have around the ring material and also gems, and also you will acquire the typical value you can expect. Deviations from that price depend on the pawn shop you choose and also whether girlfriend are prepared to bargain.

4C Diamond Features

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Many think that the cut is an important for diamonds because a poorly processed gem doesn’t reflect irradiate well and also appears dull. Your diamond can have excellent, really good, good, fair, or a short cut, which will certainly considerably influence the in its entirety price the pawn shop owner offers.


The diamond shade will considerably influence the price. Jewelers usage letters D come Z to describe the gem color and also mark perfect colorless ones. Categories G to ns define practically colorless stones, which only experts can distinct, however diamond’s value decreases together the letter walk down.


Clarity marks define the flaws the gem poses, if any. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and an extremely expensive. Most couples select the engagement ring in ~ the VS1 category, which doesn’t have flaws visible v the naked eye. Worths that specify the diamond clarity are:

Flawless and internally flawless diamonds v the best clarityVery small and very, very little inclusions 1 and 2, together slightly reduced value gemsSmall inclusions, which categorize diamonds as the cheapest


A carat is a unit that measures the weight of a diamond and other priceless stones. 1-carat diamond is 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams heavy. That means that the higher the number of carats, the larger is the stone.

Instant Ring Sale

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Some pawn shops sell the possibility of to buy the ring top top the spot. The offer way you obtain no ideal to demand it back, and also there is no loan. Friend only get the money in cash, and returning the ring is no an option.

Unfortunately, the pawn dealers have the possibility to make a quite profit as soon as you urgently need money. Typically, you will only get 55% come 75% that what the ring is worth. If you payment $6,000 for the diamond ring, the dealer would more than likely propose come buy that for around $3,000. That way, he will resell her ring for around $5,000.

1-carat, ring cut, SI2 diamond ring




Average industry price

Approximate pawning value$3,100 come $4,350$2,900 come $$4,100$2,750 to $3,850$2,500 to $3,500$2,850 to $3,350

$2,750 come $3,150

Always carefully select the pawn shop to avoid selling the ring in one that runs a dubious business. Several of them pay just 30% to 50% of the ring price there is no a written document of the sale.

Tips on Doing business with Pawn Shops

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A pawn shop can be an excellent solution if you urgently need extra money, especially if you need cash. An initial of all, you must be fine informed about the ring’s value and decide whether to pawn or offer it.

Next, visit a couple of pawn shops in your city and also send an e-mail query to part in the area. The way, you have the right to compare numerous offers and choose the most favorable one. Also, visit pawn shop sites that you find tempting and also read reviews from various other users. Examine out customer evaluate on Google and also Yelp, too.

It would certainly be wise for you to ask for written proof when you market a diamond with a thorough valuation of both stone and the ring. Check out the well print closely to make sure you are acquainted with all the details.

Even if you plan to take it the diamond ring back, agree in information with the pawn shop staff on the terms of the loan and also the interest. You require to gain all the information around the seller, the pawnshop, and the ring girlfriend pawn in writing.

Typically, you have the right to expect a reduced price at the an extremely beginning. Bargaining is almost a tradition in the pawn shops, and also you can get much more favorable terms of sale if you space a good negotiator. If you are not satisfied through the offer, girlfriend can always leave and look for one more pawn shop.

Finally, remember the you have other options. If you uncover something suspicious during the evaluation or negotiations v the pawn dealer, it might be far better to visit a brand retail store that sells used jewelry and also offer her ring there.

Pawnshop Alternatives

The pawn shop is often the very first place whereby many shot to market their jewelry, although it have to be the last equipment on the list. There are several options where you can obtain a fair diamond appraisal, a decent sell with immediate payout, and a legal acquisition agreement.

First that all, you have the right to offer your diamond ring to a jewelry keep authorized to offer preowned jewelry. Unequal pawn shops, such locations employ experts who can assess the real value of her diamond.

Bring the paperwork you obtain when to buy the ring. The jewelry save will calculation the price they market by both the diamond setting and the GIA (Gemological institute of America) certificate if the ring has actually it.

Some people choose to market their rings on virtual sites choose eBay, Amazon, or Facebook. However, this form of trade comes with details risks due to the fact that you require to manage shipping or meet the unknown person confront to confront while transporting something as an useful as the diamond ring.

Plus, that is a time-consuming project to make top quality photos the the ring and come up with a detailed description so the you can attract an ext potential buyers. Top top the to add side, part sites operate on the bidding principle, therefore the starting price you choose can be substantially increased till the end of the auction.

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In general, pawn shops are known to salary well listed below the worth of the items they buy. That goes for diamond rings, too. Before you go to one of them, ask one expert around your jewel value. Keep in mind the the maximum price you can obtain in any pawn shop is around 75%, so you should consider alternatives, if possible.