Sometimes a solitary individual can capture whole market with their charm and also charisma. This was most definitely true for the civilization of tv based sales and also advertisements. Among the largest establishments around, QVC has actually a background of marketing to the viewer an extremely broad variety of things. While celebrities will come and also go over days, they hardly ever stay for any kind of longer period of time. The is whereby Lisa Robertson come in.

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Having a 20 year background with QVC, Lisa Robertson make herself famous through selling things to viewers. Having functioned with the channel beginning in 1995, she is typically sited as the most well-known personality ~ above the show. In addition to offering things straight through the range of segments on the channel, Lisa Robertson additionally starred in the Lisa Robertson Show, which had actually an approximated viewership that 20 million people.

Having increased to the allude of stardom, many people are left asking, “How much does she make working on QVC?” This inquiry proves to be far harder come answer then you may an initial expect.

Salary in ~ QVC

One thing that renders finding the end Lisa Robertson’s salary so difficult is the she newly quit her position at QVC. After 20 years of structure up a following, she determined to leave the task last year. Through no salary information being released, finding out Lisa Robertson’s QVC salary will require a tiny guesswork.

The typical position for a seasoned expert in Lisa Robertson’s position at QVC is about $100,000. V that in mind, it provides sense that Lisa Robertson earned more, provided her star power and fame on the show. When considering the Lisa Robertson show, it provides sense the Lisa Robertson was pulling in somewhere in the 4 to 5 hundreds thousand variety while working at QVC. However, this number can range depending top top the nature of she contract and also the various other positions accessible to her.

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Best Guess: $450,000 a year.


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