Sumo rings dates earlier to end a millennium and also is the 2nd most renowned sport in Japan ideal after baseball. We have all checked out it at some suggest in our lives, however not countless of us understand what it’s yes, really about. Here we will learn more about sumo rings rules, the ranking system, cultivate routines, well known wrestlers of past and present, and tournament schedules.

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Yamamotoyama Ryuta, simply nicknamed Yama, to be born might 8, 1984, in Saitama, Japan. At the height of his career, he sweet an tremendous 584lb (265kg), i beg your pardon made the not just the most heavy sumo wrestler in history but likewise the heaviest human being in Japan. Yama made his rings debut in January 2007, reached the highest ranks in might 2009, and also then retired in April 2011. The didn’t retire the end of cost-free will though but was pressured to perform so through the Japan Sumo association after allegations emerged of him rigging matches. Since his retirement, he did a sumo and also sushi tourism of the US and starred in India’s greatest reality present – Bigg Boss.

Where to watch sumo rings in Japan

There are 6 grand tournaments held across Japan every year. Each competition starts and ends on a Sunday and lasts 15 days each. Three of the 6 yearly tournaments are held in Tokyo and one tournament each for Osaka, Nagoya, and also Fukuoka.

Sumo wrestling terminology

Banzuke: A banzuke is a perform of competing wrestlers provided according to their existing rank for an upcoming cool tournament.

Basho: A basho is a competition or the venue wherein a tournament will certainly be held.

Chankonabe: Chankonabe is the main diet of wrestlers. It’s a high-protein stew the wrestlers eat in large quantities to help them gain weight.

Chonmage: have actually you ever wondered what the hairstyle wrestlers have actually is called? the topknot hairstyle is dubbed a chonmage. The hairstyle has actually only relatively recently become popular with sumo wrestlers. The was very first popularized throughout the Edo Period, wherein it was greatly worn through samurai.

Dohyo: A dohyo is a ring where a bout takes place.

Gyoji: A gyoji is a expert sumo referee.

Hikiwake: A hikiwake is a draw. It’s uncommon in the modern-day era yet frequently occurred in the old days.

Nihon Sumo Kyokai: The Japanese name for the governing human body of professional sumo – the Japan Sumo Association.

Rikishi: the word rikishi directly translates come ‘powerful man’ and refers come a sumo wrestler.

Shikiri-sen: Shikiri-sen room the two white present you check out in the dohyo, which indicate each competitor’s starting position.

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