There space a many things to consider when purchase the finest straw bales because that your building and construction project. Here’s a bullet allude list of the absolute “must haves.”

1. Long straw. Be sure to asking your resource is the bales are long straw or chopped/thrashed straw. A bale harvested by a incorporate will it is in thrashed straw and also the quick pieces do for a very weak bale. These are a poor an option for building. A long straw bale will commonly be 14″ tall (2-string) and also 16″ tall (3 string).

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2. Look because that a reduced edge and also a urgent edge. If the cut edge is not clearly visible ~ above one side of the bale, that is probably a thrashed bale and the “cut edge” is likely facing up or down. Again, don’t buy this bales.

3. Color. You desire a bright, gold color. Brown or black bales have actually seen humidity damage. Dull bales may have actually been stored for a season or longer. They have the right to be acceptable if the various other details check out; however, new bales are best if you can uncover them.

4. Moisture Content. Bales must be roughly 8-13% moisture content when checked with a bale probe. Under no circumstances should the bales reach higher than 20%. At the level, mold growth is supported.

5. Density. The most basic test is to pick up a bale by one string. If the bale deforms in any way, climate don’t purchase the bales. If the bale stays fully in shape, climate the thickness is acceptable.

6. Shape. Tight, rectangular bales are what girlfriend want. Examine the corners of the bales to make sure they space not rounded. Rounded corners will median a lot of stuffing after the wall is stacked. Tight, angular corners average the bales will fit with each other well and your stuffing will certainly be limited.

7. Smell. This is another test that moisture. As soon as you walk right into the barn, take a deep inhalation v your nose. Exactly how does the room smell? Musty is no a great sign. New straw is what you desire to smell.

8. Weight. Dry bales will be relatively light weight. A 2-string bale must not wiehg more than to speak 45lbs. If it’s heavy (you’ll understand what heavy means when you feeling it) the bale is probably wet.

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Most importantly, use your common sense. If something appears off, it more than likely is. The prominence of top quality bales can’t be emphasize enough. If girlfriend get poor bales, you will certainly fight them native the minute they come on site to the moment you finish the house. They do for much more retying, much more stuffing, much more material loss, much more post stacking compression, less efficiency of wall surface clean increase (string trimmer work), weaker vertical stands and also corners, an ext tamping to gain your walls plumb, weaker plaster substrate and more. Trust me, gain quality bales.

If you’re interested in really learning how to develop with bales and you want to have actually perhaps among the ideal weeks of your life in the process, then come to one of our workshops. We always have a great time and you will acquire the trust to build your own residence too. CLICK right here to watch what workshop locations and also dates us have accessible this year!