For anyone curious as to the load of the vague ingredient amount, “a bunch that curly kale,” I have measured and also calculated part averages to be used heuristically.

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Between two bunches of kale, I found that the median kale sheet weight (minus stem) = .4 oz.Average stem weight = .2 ozMy bunches weighed 6.75 oz and also 6.2 oz v stems and leaves intact.Thusly, if her bunch of kale has 10 leaves, the bunch will more than likely weigh approximately 6 ounces, which is the typical weight that a bunch of kale, ns believe.For recipes, try to purchase kale in ~6oz bunches so the you can get 4oz of actual kale leaf from it come use.

Conclusion: mean weight of bunch the kale with stems at a save = 6.5oz.Now, the mystery is over because that you chefs.

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