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It"s apologize season and usually we choose at mine parents" orchard, yet this year their apples go nothing. I have to have some"s October, friend know?!? i am reasoning of going come a neighborhood orchard and trying come buy some, yet I don"t desire to get there and also not be able to tell if it"s a great deal or not. Mine daughter is selling fruit for 4H and also I can obtain apples because that $1/pound, so that will have to be cheaper 보다 that. Ns think they also sell "cider apples" and I"m wondering if those would be o.k. To use for apologize sauce and also apple butter?

I"m not certain what a great price would be, yet make certain you ask about their "seconds". These are the apologize that space not pretty sufficient or perhaps lightly bruised. This apples room usually a many cheaper.HTH
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I don"t remember where you are specifically Lada, somewhere near me, ns think...Eastgate Meijers has Michigan apples for .49 cent a pound. They had actually macintosh, jonathan, jonagold, red rome, gala, empire, cortland, and also red very delicious to select from and also you can mix and match.
I payment .49 cents/lb because that a bushel the other day in ~ the fruit stand. Nice huge perfect Jonagolds. Choose ripe, for this reason juicy...James
I get 1/2 a bushel that #2 for $10 indigenous the neighborhood orchard. A half bushel is about 22 pounds (according to my scale). Best store price ns can find this year is $.79 a pound, for this reason I save running under to the orchard, i beg your pardon is around 10 min away (better for the economic situation that way, too).
I don"t remember whereby you are specifically Lada, somewhere near me, ns think...Eastgate Meijers has actually Michigan apples because that .49 cents a pound. They had macintosh, jonathan, jonagold, red rome, gala, empire, cortland, and red delicious to choose from and also you can mix and match.
Pike ar - prob 1.5 hrs or therefore from Eastgate. The finest store price ns can find is end $1/pound! ns did speak to the regional orchard and also they have actually seconds for $15/bushel, for this reason .37/pound I"m figuring? I"m walk to get one bushel and see what they median by "seconds", yet I"m hope they"re good enough for sauce and also butter.
We went because that our yearly fall drive follow me the Mississippi on Friday and also we start in LaCrescent MN, at a sector there ns purchased 10# bags that McIntosh because that 3.00 a bag. Honeycrisp were 6.00 because that a 5# bag.

I did contact the local orchard and they have seconds for $15/bushel, therefore .37/pound I"m figuring? I"m walk to obtain one bushel and also see what they median by "seconds", but I"m hoping they"re good enough for sauce and butter.
That"s a good price. I buy seconds for caning, drying and eating. Commonly there will be one or two per fifty percent bushel the go straight to the compost bin. However they space usually in ~ the bottom and the bag has actually been sitting in mine kitchen for over a week. I shot not to buy more then i can process with in a weeks time.....I"d quite go 3 time to buy to apologize then have life obtain in the means and end up through them rotting in my kitchen.
Yep....that"s the best kind. We have bought part Macs too however our complimentary ones space from one unsprayed "old orchard"....very little extra "protein" in them too. Thinking they can be Duchess apples.
I gained well end 20 lbs for roughly 60 cent a pound. My range didn"t go past 20, lol! So ns don"t recognize the precise price per pound, it was a huge bag the seconds.
I know! I have actually not had to buy apples in years! other than the sometimes bag in between seasons, when last year"s space gone and this year aren"t ripe yet. This is all brand-new to me!
Ask your neighborhood pick-your-own orchard what they fee for wind drops. Last year i paid $2 per 6 gallon bucket (I carried my own buckets). I use them for making cider. Haven"t gone this year due to the fact that I have actually been so busy....sigh.Mike
Wow, roughly here there are abandoned apple tree everywhere, and people everywhere in the communities that would be thrilled to have someone come clean out their apple tree and also yard. Lock don"t just prosper like that almost everywhere the lower 48? Sigh, I should travel much more and view the remainder of the US. Fortunately, I, too, obtain them free. We"ll choose at least 500 pounds following week and also make lots of juice come can.Kit

Apples room expensive roughly here! I check out your prices and also I can"t think can"t discover even the cheap to apologize for less then 99 cents. And also the u-pick place, that 2 other a lb.! Thankfully, mine tree started producing last year and it to be a pretty great sized harvest this year so i don"t need to buy any.

We have 32 apple trees in our orchard, yet they are all young. We obtained 12 apologize this year. Hopefully next year will certainly be better.Now our pear trees were very generous this year!
That"s a an excellent price, Lada. About here ns drive about 20-30 minute to one orchard and buy apples because that 10-18 dollars a bushel, relying on the apologize type.

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" It"s far better to ride even if you acquire thrown, than to wind up just wishin" ya had."Chris Ledoux :cowboy:
The best sale price seems to be about 90 cents a pound this year.I"ve gained a the majority of apple trees and also have had a nice serious crop failure this year and apples aren"t ripening choose they should, for this reason I"m walking to lose most the them come freezing. Plus the birds room a torment this year, damaging to apologize that room still absent hard and also weeks, even months, from being ripe.Maybe I"m not the only one with a really negative crop this year, because prices it seems to be ~ awfully high. The convenience keep that has always sold apples because that 39 cents a lb is 89 cent this year. (They carry in full bins. I doubt that lock have family with an apple farm. Ideal apples, ideal price available.)
Here in ~ the nearest no organic huge "You Pick" orchard the existing prices right currently are:$1.09lb "You Pick"$1.19lb already Picked$29.99/40lb. Box already PickedOfcourse it"s an hours drive away and not also organic, for this reason most just go under to the grocery store. This week they have conventional apologize on sale because that $0.77lb. Normally it"s about $1.50-$2.50 a pound..
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