This is probably as result of picking increase my first guitar after ending up being fascinated through players like Clapton, and also Hendrix.

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With the being said, I have the right to remember a friend of mine coming over to jam, and he played on a Gibson Les Paul. I was certain shocked once I hosted a Les Paul because that the first time.

I couldn’t think how hefty it was contrasted to mine Stratocaster.

Traditional electric guitars can weight between 6-12 pounds. Right here are a few of the most famous models

Fender Stratocaster – 7.12 and also 8.62 poundsFender Telecaster (Alder Standard) – 6 poundsFender Telecaster (Ash) – 7-8 poundsStandard Les Paul – about 10 pounds

Now we should remember, i’m talking about traditional electric guitars.

There will always be one-off practice guitars with dual necks or even quadruple necks because that that issue that will certainly weigh much an ext than custom guitars.


Why would certainly you want a irradiate guitar?


If you are looking to weigh your guitar, with an accurate measurement.

First, you should use a appropriate scale. A restroom scale typically doesn’t weigh points under 30 pounds effectively.

What you would choose to use is a letter scale. A range that is draft to measure weight below 30 pounds with accurate pounds and also ounces.

If friend don’t happen to have a letter scale, the other alternative to get a much more accurate readout of your bathroom scale is to simply weigh yourself v the etc on the scale and then when again without the guitar.

This will permit you to have a stormy estimate of how many pounds your guitar weighs. This will not be 100% accurate however should give you a good ballpark number to occupational with.

What is the lightest electric guitar available?

I’m no 100% sure of myself when I answer this question, however I do understand if some extremely lightweight electrical guitars.

First, you need to realize that a guitar this light is generally used together a take trip guitar, and was created for traveling and also practicing top top the go.

This most likely isn’t the kind of etc you would certainly take with you to a gig. Or also jam v your buddies for that matter.

But the lightest weight electrical that ns am most mindful of is the Traveler etc ultra-light electrical weighing in at simply 3lbs 2oz! that is one seriously irradiate guitar!

What is the most difficult guitar?

The many colossal guitar in the human being is 2,000 pounds.

I am no joking, and also it is playable, lol.

It was actually modeled ~ a 1967 flying V.

Having been constructed to a range of 1:12 this beast of a etc actually was standing 43’7″ tall!

That is a seriously large guitar!

The instrument was created by students native Conroe science and technology and was actually played in June of 2000.

In Summary:

Electric guitars can vary considerably in weight. Often even the precise same guitar, can have a load difference.

I don’t think that the load of the guitar provides a guitar better or worse, as some would argue.

You should choose a guitar that is comfortable because that you. Lastly, most crucial is to have actually fun playing.

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If you want to really amp up your playing. I highly recommend check this out.