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Ceramic brick and also its weight

The most standard and most supplied is a ceramic brick, which is make from clay of miscellaneous kinds through firing. This kind of brick has actually a number of advantages the you need to understand to determine how plenty of bricks space in a pallet and also how lot they weigh. Amongst the benefits of together a brick would certainly be detailed high strength, short weight, the ability to withstand environmental influences.

As because that the load of ceramic bricks, that is approximately 4 kilograms. This figure changes depending on its type. If we are talking around how much a pallet of a heavy brick weighs, climate it is worth noting the its load is much higher than the weight of a hole brick.

The weight of a hollow ceramic brick, whose dimensions room 250x120x65, is 2.5 kilograms. Knowing this, girlfriend can conveniently calculate exactly how much a brick pallet weighs. Hard brick of similar dimensions weighs indigenous 3.5 come 3.8 kilograms. It is worth noting the there is quiet a half-and-a-half and double bricks, the load of i beg your pardon is twice the weight of an ordinary brick.

If you require to recognize the full weight that the pallet, then learning the weight of a solitary brick, finding the end the complete weight is not at every difficult. For those who carry out not know how many pieces the bricks room in a pallet, we note that most regularly one pallet accommodates from 300 come 500 systems of bricks.

Silicate brick - the weight and also characteristics

The next most well-known ceramic brick is followed by silicate brick. Such a brick is produced in autoclaves under the influence of really high press in mix with water vapor. The composition of together a brick springs 92-94 percent the the sand, and also the remaining 3-5 percent are assorted kinds of impurities. This type of brick has an excellent heat and sound insulation, high strength and also frost resistance. Exactly how to discover out how much a pallet the bricks weighs?

The weight of silicate brick relies on its type:

The hole silicate brick 250x120x88 in dimension weighs 3.9 kilograms.Solid brick of similar sizes - 5 kilograms.The load of a silicate brick 250x120x65 is 3.7 kg. Bricks that the exact same size, yet the hole weighs 3.2 kg.

Weight the silicate brick follow to GOST 379-95

The variety of bricks in one pallet

From the above, we deserve to conclude that just how much a brick pallet weighs depends entirely on a number of parameters, such together its composition and also its production technology. If you carry out not enter details, then we can say the the typical brick load is 2.5 kilograms.

The brick is realized, of course, no individually, however by a quite weighty unit - pallets. Construction of a country house or a full-fledged residence requires accurate knowledge, including knowledge the how many pieces of bricks over there is 1 pallet. However, it must be understood that the answer to the question of how many pieces of bricks room in a pallet counts on countless factors.

First the all, in bespeak to calculate this quantity, you need to recognize what sort of pallets space in question, because they are different:

The normal platform is 520x1030 mm.The maximum pallet is 770x1030mm.

When performing calculations it is an extremely important to take right into account the truth that the laying of bricks ~ above the pallet occurs in various ways, because that example, precisely or at an angle of 45 degrees. In these two cases, the variety of bricks ~ above the pallet will be different.

As pointed out earlier, the size of the brick is additionally different, just its broad of 120 mm and the length of 250 mm remain unchanged. The brick is graded through its height, which is solitary - 65 mm, one-and-a-half - 88 mm and double - 103 mm.

It is precious noting that the brick the the brand native M 75 to M 150 is the most popular. In this case, the numbers room the permissible number of kilograms the this product deserve to withstand by 1 square centimeter.

From this it adheres to that understanding the area of ​​the pallet and also the area that ​​one brick, separating one by the other, you can get the variety of products in one layer, and also then, multiply it through the variety of rows, you can find out how many pieces of brick space in the pallet.

Bulk brick weight

Of course, for those who began a large construction project and also its financial sources are no limited, this figure is not so important. However, for those to plan to construct a small animal home or a woodshed, buying excess material can be a far-reaching problem.

When it comes to how numerous cubes the brick space in a pan, there is another means to calculate. Calculation how plenty of bricks fit in one cubic meter, you have the right to know the size of the briquettes.

The volume the a single product (25 × 12 × 6.5 cm) is 1950 cubic centimeters or 513 bricks in a cubic meter.The volume of one-and-a-half articles (25 × 12 × 8.8 cm) is 2640 cubic centimeters or 379 bricks.The volume of dual products (25 × 12 × 13.8 cm) - 4140 cubic centimeters or 255 bricks.

Calculations of just how much silicate brick m3 per pallet is do in a similar way.

To the note: the is much better to know about the disadvantages of polystyrene concrete in advance, read my article and also watch the video to it.

When transporting, the is essential to know how much a pallet the bricks weighs, because thanks come this you have the right to understand which vehicle to order. Depending on which clay assets will be stacked, the load of the pallet changes. Nevertheless, GOST establishes both the rules of installation and also the load of one pallet.

It have to not be heavier than 850 kg. And also the blocks must be to adjust flat and also “on the edge” in overcome rows. GOST 3560 specifies the mounting of a pallet with a brick with metal tapes. And GOST 25951 or 10354 permits the usage of shrinkable or stretchable film. Keep bricks, separating by brand and also type, laying in 1 tier. The is allowed to stack them in 2 tiers, but no more.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering the truth that not all manufacturers adhere come GOST standards. Periodically the weight of a brick pallet have the right to exceed the norm as much as 4 times. Also, the weight of the pallet might vary depending on the method of installation.

Clay pallet weight

It is possible to calculation the weight of one pallet independently, knowing the indicators of one clay block and also its quantity in one pallet. It is challenging to identify a solitary weight due to the fact that manufacturers regularly slightly deviate from accepted norms. This is as result of the fact that the clay is generally heterogeneous. However, the manufacturer always indicates the following data:

weight 1 pc .;amount in a package;how much a red brick pallet weighs.

The last item is calculated in addition to the tare weight. The wood lattice itself weighs 30-40 kg and has a loading volume of 750-900 kg. Often it fits 1 m³. This an approach is convenient for both the seller, who is easier to calculate, and also the buyer, that can easily determine just how much the takes the goods.

Clay products are corpulent and also hollow. The last name is a brick in i beg your pardon there space cavities. Accordingly, each species has its own mass. One copy weighs:

corpulent: single - 3.3-3.6 kg;one and also a fifty percent - 4-4.3 kg;double - 6.6-7.2 kg;hollow: solitary - 2.3-2.5 kg;one and a half - 3-3.3 kg;double - 4.6-5 kg.

A full-bodied ceramic product have the right to hold 200-380 pcs on a one-of-a-kind substrate. Having made straightforward calculations, we watch that the brick pallet load is around 660-1200 kg. Here you should add more tare.

180-450 pieces will fit hole bricks. Your weight will certainly be 800-1200 kg.

In enhancement to functioning clay products, over there are additionally facing or facial ones. The fixed of solitary is 1.3-1.6 kg, and one and a fifty percent - 2.7-3.2 kg. 350-480 pieces can be put on the pallet, and their full weight will certainly be 640-1100 kg.

Specificity that silicate

Many space interested in the concern of exactly how much silicate products can right on a wooden base and also what your weight will certainly be. And also ceramic, silicate blocks deserve to be corpulent and hollow. In size, too, space single, one-and-a-half and double.

Single corpulent weigh 3.4 kg, and also they can be set 936 pcs. Packaged. Accordingly, the complete weight will certainly be 3184 kg. If us take one and also a half hollow, through a load of one brick product in 4 kg they will accommodate 672 pieces. Having made simple calculations, us get around 2700 kg.

Since the packages are heavy, it is not recommended come put more than 2 rows on every other during transportation. Otherwise, the reduced blocks might be damaged. Prior to loading, be sure to check the horizontal body and, if necessary, level. Because that the convenience the loading and unloading goods is far better to select a automobile with an open up body type. If the sides of the auto are no high, you must not pile pallets on height of every other. If you desire to save on transportation, friend can damage or scatter items on the way.

Today in the building stores there is a vast amount of materials, each of which has actually its very own properties. But until now, the competition come all contemporary materials is brick. It is so regularly used in the building of houses, laying walls.

When building a exclusive house, red is frequently used. Because that its manufacturing using different grades of clay, i beg your pardon is based on the burn process. Together a result, that is possible to attain a really durable product. Will certainly be 3.6 kg, and also hollow - 2.5 kg. Red resists precipitation well.


Standard size of red - 250x120x65 mm. Yet the volume the red bricks relies on its type. Once it comes to solitary full-bodied, they require 480 pieces, and also all 3.45 kg / piece. When it is vital to purchase a red one-and-a-half hole stone, 308 pieces fit right into it. But different manufacturers have actually their variety of bricks.


This option material is also proactively used in the ar of construction. In its manufacture provided autoclave method, as well as raw products use sand with various additives. For such a product is identified by wonderful performance of warmth - and also noise insulation, and resistance come frost. The fixed of a product because that a corpulent form is 5 kg, and for a hole one - 4 kg. Full silicate rock - 325 pieces, and one and also a fifty percent - 240 kg. Because of this distinction in quantity, the total weight that the commodities is virtually compared. Under the attach you have the right to see.



The gift product is considered unique as it is used not just in the building of houses, but additionally to give it aesthetic qualities. The volume calculus of encountering depends top top its size:


Single and also one and also a half

If you understand the load of the material, and even its key parameters, you have the right to determine the quantity of product that will interfere v the platform. To perform this, the area that ​​the base have to be divided into the area the ​​one brick. After that, main point the resulting number of sub-s. It turns out the compelled amount:


If the brick size 250 120 65

In the picture - the dimension of the brick

When it comes to rock with size of 250x90x65 mm, climate it is put in the pan - 360 pieces. The tiny size has a solitary presented dimension - 275 pieces.

Full bodied

If friend will use a full-bodied stone for construction, climate in an ordinary clay briquette come fit them:


There are likewise dimensions the euroformat, which room made with one same edge. Such a pallet have the right to accommodate 307 full-bodied. Girlfriend will uncover GOST for solid ceramic bricks.

Brick weight through pallet

The presented container for transport of bricks is gift in the form of a wooden lattice, wherein the product is laid. Its load is 30-40 kg.

But on the substrate lay out a cube. This is an extremely convenient for the seller, who can very quickly counting the items sold. The product derived from clay may have actually a framework with voids within or full-bodied. The greater the variety of cavities, the simpler the stone. For solitary bricks with cavities, the weight will be 2.7 kg. Weight through such commodities will be 1.3 tons.

If we consider a red solid single stone, then it is put on a specially created cover - 200-300 pieces. Product weight deserve to reach 3.1 - 4 kg. That weight will be 1.2 tons.

The load of the red dealing with depends on its size. Together a rule, such a product is hollow, and in form it is solitary and one and a half. If you buy a single, then its quantity is 325 pieces, and the half-and-a-half is -240 pieces. Weight through such products will it is in 1.4 tons.

In the pallet, refractory fireclay ShB-5 weighing 3.4 kg is put in the quantity of 385 pieces. The massive of one package will certainly be 1.3 tons. A similar weight for a pallet through SB-24.

The video tells how countless pieces that bricks fit in the pan:

How much does it cost with the product

In many cases, the price of a brick is assigned by the seller individually, and not because that the pallet.

Table 1 - The price of various types

VarietyQuantity ~ above a palletPrice, rubles
Hollow ceramic facial - silicate420–4808 600 – 9 300
308–3525 900 – 7 400
400–4404 900 – 5 600
334–3805 100 – 5 900
Full-body ceramic plain silicate330–4005 120 – 5 800
240–3803 300 – 4 600
224–3603 600 – 5 600
400–4363 300 – 3 600
280–3403 100 – 3 700
200–2403 400 – 4 100
Ripped (grooved)307–4365 200 – 6 500
Special, fireproof330–36011 200 – 12 200

How many pallets fit in a wagon, KamAZ, length

If you need to load a brick into a length gauge, and the size of a pallet, say, 1130x520, then their number will be 32. If the loading is carried out in KAMAZ, then with euro-size pallets your number will certainly be 10-12 pieces. When transporting product in a wagon, their number get 32-33.


Brick is a really popular structure material, i beg your pardon is proactively used today for miscellaneous purposes. But today the process of delivering the mentioned product takes place in distinct pallets. Thanks to lock they manage to carry out simplicity and ease that transportation. In addition, that facilitates the procedure of recalculating the seller, i m sorry is enforced by the implementation of the stated product. Pick only top quality products, and also then your building will offer you for a lengthy time.

To supply brick blocks to a construction site v minimal transportation costs and also not to miscalculate when buying, you require to recognize how many bricks room in a pallet and how plenty of such packages have to be purchased, what sort of carry to order. It is much easier to compare prices from different manufacturers (they room often set at the rate of every pallet), to determine the full costs.

Types of brick packing

For the convenience the shipping and transportation, brick commodities are put on wooden boards (pallets) made of planks linked with bars. Shields are of two types and have actually standard sizes:

small - 0.52 x 1.03 m, carrying capacity approximately 0.75 t;large - 0.77 x 1.03, holds approximately 0.9 tons of cargo.

Often the manufacturer shows the variety of bricks, yet there are choices when that does not. The approximate number of products on a pallet is not daunting to determine by calculation. For this, the shield area is divided by the basic area of ​​a single product - this is exactly how the number of products in the very first layer is obtained. Climate multiply the result by the variety of rows in the purchased package.

Palletizing rate

How many brick products on a large pallet:

single (standard brick dimension 250 x 120 x 65 mm) - about 420 pieces;one and also a half (250 x 120 x 88 mm) - around 390 pieces;double (250 x 120 x 138 mm) - about 200 pieces;double grooved - 192 pieces;tortoise M150 - 280 pieces;with a ragged sheet (single) - 308 pieces;with a ragged leaf (corner) - 352 pieces;basement - 478 pieces.

If the encountering brick dimension is 250 x 90 x 65 (shortened), then approximately 360 pieces deserve to be put on a huge shield. The small pallet accommodates a smaller sized amount of single brick - 275 pieces.

How lot does a pallet through bricks weigh

It is crucial to know the answer come this question as soon as ordering a vehicle with a details carrying capacity - the variety of flights and also the expense of transport rely on the weight of one invited pallet. For reference, below is information about the fixed of one brick block.

The weight of the first piece the full-bodied silicate brick: solitary - 3.7 kg;one and a half - 5,0 kg.Hollow brick weight: one and a half - 4.0 kg;double 5.2 kg.Ceramic assets have a smaller mass: solitary hollow - 2.6 kg;single full-bodied - 3.6 kg;shortened - 2.1 kg.

Thus, you deserve to calculate how much weighs, for example, tiny pallet the a single brick: 275 x 3.7 = 1017 kg. If you add tare weight (15 kg), then the gross weight is 1032 kg.


How plenty of cubes of material you need to purchase

First the all, the full volume the brick walls with mortar is calculated, taking right into account their wall size and number, and also the form of masonry. Multiply the height, length and also width, and then summary the volumes.Usually once planning a construction, they counting how many bricks room in a cubed brick. In this case, the volume that the stonework mortar (1.5 cm) have to be rejected. Because that example, if the size of a one-and-a-half brick is 250 x 120 x 88 mm, then its volume is 0.00264 m3, and together with the solution - 0.00327 m3. Based on this, the cube that masonry consists of 306 one-and-a-half blocks. You can take ready-made table values.The next number you require to understand is how plenty of bricks space there in a cubic meter pallet? It will certainly take the volume the the product there is no solution. Because that a half-brick, the result is already ready - 0.00264 m3; single - 0.00195 m3; dual - 0,00414 m3. Next, main point the variety of brick block in a container by the volume of one block. For example, the volume of a single brick on a huge pallet: 420 x 0.00195 = 0.82 m3.

It stays to discover out the number of packages - because that this, the require for brick in cubes is separated into a number denote how numerous bricks space in a pallet in m3.

The load or mass of a pallet through a brick is significant, especially for calculating the expense of its transportation. This is vital to understand for approximate calculations that the quantity of material, yet basically this number influence the price of distribution of structure materials come the building site.

Brick pallet - this is both the material itself and also the actual wood lattice top top which the is placed for transportation. That weight, together a rule, does no exceed 30-40 kg. Thus, the tare load is found. It remains to identify the network weight the the cargo.

The weight of one brick can vary native 2 come 6 kg, relying on the density of the material and size. Therefore, for a start, it is worth deciding what bricks are. Classic brick can be that two types of products - ceramic (red) or silicate (white). By functional purpose, girlfriend can pick work, facing, fireclay (fireproof), clinker bricks. The size likewise varies from single to one and a half and double. The type can be dense or slit (more frequently - empty). Relying on the purpose and also size of the product purchased, its weight will vary.

Total pallet weightbricks

Thus, the load of a pallet of bricks belonging to the team of single working refined bricks will certainly be equal to 660-1440 kg. (taking right into account the reality that in reality on the pallet it will certainly be what 200-400 pcs., and also the weight of one brick - 3.3-3.6 kg.) The same numbers for a one-and-a-half brick will certainly be same to 800-860 kg. (200 pieces on the pallet, and 4-4,3 in ~ one brick). A double brick itself will weigh 6.6-7.2 kg, top top a pallet it will be 200 pieces, and also a net weight that 1320-1440 kg.

The functioning empty solitary brick has a load of 2.3-2.5 kg, top top a pallet it will be 350-440 pcs., The mass arrays from 810-1110 kg. The very same one-and-a-half will have actually parameters that 3-3.5 kg / unit, 280-340 units. Top top the pallet and its weight is 865-1150 kg. Dual - 4.6-5 kg ​​/ piece, 175-225 units, 810-1120 kg / pallet.

The dealing with brick, together a rule, is issued one-and-a-half or twin and empty. Therefore, it will certainly weigh in the first case 1.32 - 1.6 kg / pc., on the pallet it will certainly be 480 pcs., The load of the pallet of such a brick is 634-662 kg.

For silicate bricks the numbers will not be much different. Specific numbers and values ​​can constantly be obtained from the seller or the brick manufacturer. However, the is currently apparent that the weight of one pallet will vary from 0.5 come 1.5 tons.

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Separately, I desire to talk about the yes, really transportation. In spite of the reality that the brick material is quite durable and also solid, during transportation that is still feasible to damage it or fight. To stop this, blocks are most often placed top top a pallet, through the full one inserted in the Christmas tree, and also the empty one - by cross ligation. In addition, to protect against moisture and dirt, plenty of manufacturers fill the unit in a strong package.