Hockey pucks take trip at lightening speeds along the ice. It’s not unusual for castle to with speeds of much more than 100 mph as soon as hit by ice cream hockey players.

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So just how much walk a hockey puck weigh?

The weight of a hockey puck is 5.5 or 6 ounces (156 or 170 grams).

There are likewise some pucks that sweet a bit much less or a little bit more.

How much Does an NHL Hockey Puck Weigh?

The main weight of one NHL hockey puck is 6 ounces (170 grams).

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Dimensions that A Hockey Puck


All NHL and AHL pucks space frozen solid before a game. Why perform they do that?

This ensures the a puck used during a video game smoothly glides across the ice cream at quicker speeds. It no bounce, which can be a problem if a rubber puck is no frozen.

A puck gets replaced after two minutes of video game play with one more frozen puck. That not unexplained for a dozen or more pucks to it is in used!

~ Fun reality ~Hockey began off together an out game and it was a lot various sport 보다 it is now. Even the pucks they offered were a lot different than the persons you view today. In truth the earliest gamings played through hockey pucks were frozen pieces of cow dung! Imagine the for a moment?


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