Use this page to assist you to calculation the weights and calories of any kind of serving size or portion of new strawberries.

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The easy-to-use calculator and charts listed below will help you to calculate both food preparation weight conversions and also calorie quantities depending ~ above what girlfriend need.


Strawberry Calculator

The calculator below will help you to easily calculate the weight and calories the your portion of strawberries.

The values in this calculator are based upon an typical weight that a medium-sized strawberry i m sorry weighs 15g (0.53oz). Because strawberries room a herbal product that varies in size, so you could need to increase or to decrease these worths to get a more accurate result.

See the chart listed below to find out more about the distinction in weight in between a small, medium, and huge strawberry.

I have also used the presumption that the typical medium strawberry consists of 5 calories (kcal) (as per My FitnessPal).

The median Weight the a Strawberry

As a herbal product, strawberry weights can vary depending upon the conditions they’re get an impression in, and where you gain them from.

The table below shows the median weight of a strawberry, based on small, medium, and big fruit sizes, together with conversions because that metric and also imperial weights:

Average weight of aSmall StrawberryAverage load of aMedium StrawberryAverage weight of aLarge Strawberry
5-10g10-20g20g plus
0.18-0.35oz0.35-0.7oz0.7oz plus
0.005-0.01kg0.01-0.02kg0.02kg plus

It’s not unexplained to find extra-large strawberries, especially if you choose or thrive your own. In some cases, these deserve to be almost as big as the palm of your hand and can sweet as lot as 50-60g (1.8-2.1oz) every berry.

How plenty of Strawberries are in a Portion?

There are about 7 average-sized strawberries in a part or serving, this is same to a handful of berries.

Using an mean weight of 15g (0.53oz) for a medium-sized strawberry, a part of 7 berries weighs about 105g (3.7oz) and contains about 105kcal.

How much Does a Cup of strawberry Weigh

I walk the research and also measured cupfuls the both whole and chopped strawberries, and found out the following:

A us cupful of totality strawberries contains roughly 8 individual medium-sized berries and weighs approximately 120g (4.2oz).

A us cupful of chopped medium-sized berry is equal to 10 totality berries and also weighs roughly 150g (5.3oz).


Strawberry weight & Calorie Chart

The switch table below shows an ext strawberry serving size to aid you quickly work out the weight and also calories for her portion.

This chart is based on the presumption that an average medium-sized strawberry weighs approximately 15g (0.53oz) and also each berry has 5 calories (kcal).

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Strawberry offer sizeAverage load (in grams and ounces)Average calories(in kcal)
1 berry15g/0.53oz5
2 berries30g/1.06oz10
3 berries45g/1.59oz15
4 berry (half a serving)60g/2.12oz20
5 berries75g/2.65oz25
6 berries90g/3.17oz30
7 berries105g/3.7oz35
8 berry (one serving)120g/4.23oz40
9 berries135g/4.76oz45
10 berries150g/5.29oz50

Wheight the a Strawberry Hull/Stalk

If you need to work out the weight of the component of a strawberry that you nothing use, here’s the information:

The hull and also stalk part of the strawberry (which associate it to the plant) weighs about 1.5-2g (0.05-0.07oz) every fruit.