Violas ptcouncil.nete in every shapes, sizes, color – and prices. But how carry out you really know what you should be gaining for her budgeted price range? This overview will offer you a general overview that the requirements for violas within each price selection and supplies a an excellent starting point for recognize a viola that finest suits her needs. Every viola is different, and also you have to ideally look because that the ideal value-for-money instrument put within your budget.

If your boy is a beginner, you don’t necessarily desire to overspend on one instrument that isn’t suited to their level, however if they’ve already started out with a simple instrument obtained from school, you might want to start looking roughly at intermediate priced violas instead of the cheapest available.

$300 – $700

These room the many inexpensive violas that you’ll discover at music stores. In ~ this price, you’re looking at an entry-level or beginners instrument the is ptcouncil.netmonly factory-made in China. The simple structure of this violas will be well-made, however they ptcouncil.nete ‘out the the box’ through no adjustments – a professional collection up business will be forced to gain things sounding just right.

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We include our professional collection up on all instruments - in ~ no extra cost.

For tools in this price range, the is likewise important that individual parts are contained or upgraded:

Bridge – this will affect the ton of the instrumentStrings – these should be upgraded to match the instrument and also give the a far better toneBow – not all accessories space of the exact same quality, and also since a bow is crucial to playing the viola, you need to look to update to a great quality one the will help to develop a much better soundCase - a straightforward beginner outfit should include a instance for transporting and protecting the violas.

Shop beginner Violas online and also in-store.

$700 – $1500

There is a shift in quality once you relocate to this price range. A higher grade of hardwood is used, and also so an ext highly professional labour is ptcouncil.netpelled (resulting in a greater quality of workmanship). This violas room hand-finished and far better parts space used, which additional improves the high quality of the instrument. The ptcouncil.netbination of workmanship and fittings provides these instruments a an ext mature, resonant tone.

Instruments in this selection are generally better suited ptcouncil.nete an intermediary player as an update from their first viola to your second. This level the instrument would certainly be thought about a ‘luxury’ item because that a beginner, yet the quality have the right to really pay turn off in their early on musical education if you have the right to afford it.

Be ~ above the look out for:

An upgraded bow - part intermediate viola outfits will include an upgraded bow, i m sorry will help aide in improving tone and techniqueUpgraded strings - most intermediate viola outfits should include at the very least a collection of Piranito strings or also better, Tonica strings or dominant strings.Bridge - the top quality of the bridge need to be at the very least an Aubert or Despiau 1-tree.

Shop intermediate Violas online and in-store.


$1500 – $4000

From right here we begin to watch a much higher level the workmanship and also expertise going right into the make of the instrument. They are hand-finished for finer detailing and much more refined workmanship is used.

The grain of the hardwood is something you’ll require to think about in this instruments. The grain is the organic alignment the fibres in the wood, and can produce a more visually satisfaction aesthetic and also improve the tones and overtones the the instrument. You’ll want to look in ~ the tightness the the grain on the front, and the flame of the grain on the back.

These aspects are a have fun of the higher grade of timber supplied in the instrument, i m sorry produces much nicer tones and overtones, allowing for lot a an ext resonant and also expressive top quality of sound once played. They additionally project their sound better, producing a higher volume than the vault ranges.

This level of tool is ptcouncil.netmonly the choice of progressed students because the top quality of sound permits them ptcouncil.nete play more solo repertoire and suits much an ext expressive playing.

In this price range, save in mind the you might need to invest in:

An upgraded bow - instruments in this price selection may not always include an intermediary bow. If this is the case, you should expect to spend about $400-$800 on picking a higher quality intermediary viola bow from brand such together Paesold and also Coda.Professional strings - instruments in this price variety should enptcouncil.netpass at least a set of man-made core strings, but upgrading to a Larsen, Obligato or Evah Pirazzi collection will yield an even an ext beautiful tone.


At this point, you start to find an ext individually priced items, and your considerations will change depending top top the workshop the the instrument ptcouncil.nete from. The call of the maker may influence your decision, as assorted levels of workmanship and also timber will certainly vary and also musicians may prefer one maker’s sound to another. The qualities of the instrument’s sound beptcouncil.nete much more personal and also individual in ~ this level.

At this price range and above, you will find numerous instruments space crafted in europe workshops. They space popular because people know the European call for high-quality workmanship and also materials. Our best-selling advanced violas are from the Jay Haide workshop. They room a customer favourite because of their expressive, ptcouncil.netplete tone and really high top quality materials.

The quality of the timber and the serial of the timber is other you’ll need to strongly take into consideration in these instruments. The grain is the herbal alignment that fibres in the wood, and can create a much more visually pleasing aesthetic and improve the tones and overtones that the instrument. You’ll want to look in ~ the tightness that the serial on the front, and the fire of the grain on the back. As discussed above, these facets are a enjoy of the higher grade the timber provided in the instrument, i beg your pardon produces much nicer tones and overtones.

Varnish is another consideration in this price range - many modern-day instruments space varnished with an antiqued finish. Be careful to ensure the varnish is of a high quality, and is uniform across the instrument.

In this price range, you"ll normally have to acquisition a bow and case separately. It’s generally expected the you have actually your very own preferences because that the bow and also case. Learn much more about picking a bow here. You should expect to spend in between $600-$1000 for a greater quality pernambuco or carbon fibre bow.

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Of course, choosing a viola doesn’t need to be a decision the you do all on her own. Below at just for Strings, our friendly team members room all qualified musician who know the nuances of each various viola we stock. We can guide you v the variety and help you uncover the one that’s ideal for you. ptcouncil.nete and visit united state at our save in Red Hill or obtain in touch with any questions you might have.