How much Does one AR-15 Weigh?

In short, the average unloaded carbine AR-15 v a 16″ barrel v iron sights, stock and handguard weigh approximately 6.5 lb (3 kg) give or take it a pound. As soon as you include a loaded 30 round magazine the .223/5.56 you will be adding roughly 1 added pound (0.5 kg).

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The much longer answer is the this is actually a daunting question to answer due to the fact that AR-15’s are the most customizable rifles ~ above the planet. There room so many choices and configurations easily accessible that you can build an ultralight AR-15 that weighs under 4 pounds or build an AR-15 configured because that long range shooting the comes in over 10 pounds.

AR-15 instance Weights

The following instances all have actually 16″ barrels and also are weighed unloaded. They are pretty ceiling bones without Red dot Sights or any kind of other typical accessories.


Smith & Wesson M&P 15 sports II – 6.7 pounds (3.1 kg)


Bushmaster 90827 – 6.5 Pounds (3 kg)


COLT Expanse CE2000 M4 – 6.4 pounds (2.9 kg)


SIG M400 VTAC – 6.5 pounds (3 kg)


Daniel Defense DDM4V9 – 6.5 Pounds (3 kg)

Other AR-15 examples with Weight

Here are some examples of AR-15’s with an ext common accessories choose optics, lights and foregrips. These might be beneficial if you setup to include a couple of items to your AR-15.


Custom build by Peter95 From peak to Bottom: 10.5 Pounds (4.8 kg), 9.6 pounds (4.4 kg), 7.25 pounds (3.3 kg), 7.6 pounds (3.5 kg)

Typical Weights of AR-15 Accessories

If you want to download a comfortable database include the weights of every kinds the AR-15 parts and accessories on the market, Click here. This is a comfortable database for those looking to develop a rifle with lower weight components.

Otherwise, below is a quick list of typical AR-15 accessories v a rough estimate of the weight for every item. Obviously, over there is a wide variety of products obtainable that vary substantially in weight. The quick list listed below is supposed to carry out a ballpark number because that those wondering exactly how much added weight they have the right to expect to include with the complying with items:

Red Dot: 0.3 pounds ( 0.14 kg)Scope (3-9X): 0.9 pounds (0.41 kg)Magnifier: 0.8 pounds (0.34 kg)Foregrip: 0.2 pounds (0.1 kg)Tactical Light: 0.3 pounds ( 0.14 kg)Bipods: 0.5 pounds (0.22 kg)

AR-15 Weight conserving Tips

One of the reasons you might have discovered this short article is the you are in search of ways to mitigate the weight of her AR-15. It is only logical that the best places to begin trimming weight are the heaviest. Let’s take a look in ~ a few ideas.

Change her Barrel

The most reliable place to shed weight on one AR-15 is in ~ the barrel. There space three key ways to alleviate weight in ~ the barrel: shortening, fluting or a reduced profile.

One of the finest ways to alleviate the load of her AR-15 is to shorten the barrel. The course, friend will want to make sure you are adhering to your local regulations when it pertains to reducing her barrel length, however switching come a slimmer profile barrel or having it turned down is a good AR-15 weight loss tip.


I really prefer Faxon barrels, their pencil profile barrels room accurate and also light! This 16″ barrel comes in at 1.2 pounds. Inspect them the end over in ~ Brownells.

Fluting is another option the in addition to conserving you weight looks awesome! There are so plenty of unique profiles out there now and also you not restricted to directly fluting.

Lightweight Bolt Carrier group (BCG)

Another component of your rifle that carries a bit of weight is your bolt transport group. The BCG is often taken into consideration the love of the AR-15 and also its performance is critical to the proper function of her AR-15. With that stated you deserve to shave off number of ounces without reducing the dependability of her rifle.


Faxon provides a lightweight BCG that weighs just 0.4 pounds (0.18 kg)

 Change her Buttstock

A many of men that shooting 3 gun competitions count on a light gun for much faster transitions native target to target, that is less complicated to carry and also move between shooting spots.

Here room some lightweight choices to consider:


AR-UL ACE Ultra Lite Stock, that is the lightest AR stock ever before at 5 ounces!


Model 4/15 CQB resolved Skeleton share Aluminum Buttstock

Go with a Lighter Rail


This free floating carbon fiber handguard indigenous Brownells comes in at 0.7 pounds (0.32 kg)!


Trijicon RMR form 2 adjustable Red dot Sight only weighs 1.2 ounces (0.08 pounds or 0.03kg) v battery!!


The Aimpoint 12417 Micro T-1 red period scope is not cheap yet it will certainly only expense you 0.23 pounds (0.11 kg).

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One point that you should be considering is the a more heavier rifle manages recoil better, so depending on the shooter and what her goal is a yes, really light AR-15 could not it is in ideal. The lighter the rifle the more challenging it deserve to be to manage rapid fire shots. Nevertheless, structure a lightweight AR-15 is a funny project and also can be done reasonably inexpensively.