Bowling sphere drilling is simply the procedure of creating brand-new finger holes in the bowling ball by using a drill.

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If you are a expert bowler or simply an avid player the the sport, girlfriend probably currently know the feet in the bowling ball have the right to have a large impact on exactly how well friend play the game.

When you acquisition a brand new ball, that will generally be solid and will not have actually the feet pre-drilled. Because of this, it have to be drilled in accordance with the measure up of your fingers. Since this customization is commonly done at a agree shop or sporting products store, it may be an additional cost, relying on the agency policy.

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How much does bowling sphere drilling cost?

When you purchase a bowling ball, you generally should have the alternative to have the finger holes pre-drilled or have actually it customized. If you choose the pre-drilled option, there will certainly be no extra charges because that the drilling company as it will come standard without any type of customized drilling and will be had in your grand total.

If you were to use a professional, bowling pro shops and retailers will usually charge a separate fee for drilling uneven specified, particularly if you didn’t purchase the bowling sphere at their location. If this were the case, you have the right to expect to pay all over from $20 to $50 for the drilling. If the company you to buy the ball from provides a drilling option, yet bills because that it separately, that will probably cost in between $10 and $20, sometimes also free. At Dick’s Sporting Goods, because that example, they offer the service for complimentary as long as you purchase the bowling ball straight from them., for example, supplies to drill as a separate organization for $50 to $70 for your customized drilling service. The precise price depends largely on the high quality of the ball and the material it is make from. However, because that bowlers who just play because that recreation and not because that competition, there is an alternative for straightforward drilling solutions that can variety from $30 come $50., one more online retailer, fees $20 to $40.

On, an online forum, members talked about what the should expense to have a bowling ball drilled. According to the members, most had actually paid anywhere from $50 come $65 come drill a blank ball.

Bowling ball drilling overview

During the process, lock will very first measure her hand making use of a maker to take it the precise measurements of your thumb and finger holes, hole pitch and span length. V these measurements, they will then ask friend a couple of questions such together what type of grip you desire (standard or finger-tip) and have you try various slugs and also grips to watch what’s many comfortable for her bowling stance. Making use of bowling balls in ~ the shop, they will have you hold a few so you have the right to offer feedback as to how the holes feel. This feedback will allow them to produce the perfect-sized holes and also even aid make adjustments ~ above your brand-new ball come ensure that fits prefer a glove.

What room the extra costs?

Drilling defense is rarely included in the drilling fee, and also as us all know, drilling a bowling ball is a fragile process. Because of the materials the balls deserve to be made from, it is feasible that it will crack while being drilled. Drilling security serves as insurance against the ball being damaged. Part stores offer this defense for a minimal fee and will generally be no much more than $5 come $10., for instance, provides $4.99 drilling protection on balls to buy at their store.

Upgraded finger inserts and also thumb slugs might be secondary charge if the shop provides them or you indicate them. Every of these enhancements will cost around $10 come $15.

How have the right to I save money?

Shop around. Some areas may perform the prices on the website, vice versa, others deserve to offer girlfriend a an easy quote end the phone.

You can regularly save money if you have actually your bowling round drilled in ~ the same store girlfriend purchased the round at initially.

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