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To know the sector price and also how much pawn shops pay because that gold every gram, there space three basic factors you should check: the purity the the gold, the weight of her gold jewelry, and also the current price the gold.Make certain that you find a good, trustworthy pawn shop to gain the best value for her gold jewelry.Now the you have the info on the karat load of her gold jewelry, and also the present market worth (as shown in the precious metal chart), girlfriend can an ext or less determine how much is a same price.Be wary that there are numerous who will certainly offer rapid money when selling your gold, but the best advice is to go to a pawn shop through a great track record, together as virtual reviews.Are girlfriend looking to market your yellow for rapid cash? To know the market price and how lot pawn shops pay because that gold per gram, there room three an easy factors you must check: the purity of the gold, the load of your gold jewelry, and the existing price of gold.

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There are numerous pawn shops that will certainly buy gold, however do not just sell come the an initial one that will market to buy. Make certain that you discover a good, trusted pawn shop to obtain the best value for her gold jewelry.

How to recognize Your Gold’s Value


I. Recognize the Purity of her Gold Jewelry

You require to inspect the purity rating of her gold jewelry together follows


Anything less than 99.99% is an alloy v other steels like platinum, silver, or copper. That is this truth that renders those less than 24% more suitable for jewelry due to the fact that pure 24 karat yellow is too soft to be supplied as jewelry.

So check what is engraved in her gold piece. A 10k yellow jewelry is 41.7% gold, a 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure, 18k is 75%, while a 24k piece is 99.9% pure gold.

Bear in mind this is just one that other factors to think about to calculate the value when you sell gold, such as the existing gold price and also the weight of your gold in grams. If your gold jewelry has actually a diamond, the pawn shop shall recognize its worth separately.

II. Load of your Gold Piece

This is pretty straightforward, you require to check the load of your gold jewelry, assuming the is just gold without any type of other embellishments. You can determine this utilizing a jewelry scale as that weighs to the tenth of a gram and also is thus most accurate.

III. Price that Gold

Below girlfriend will uncover a graph to know the current market value of gold and also other precious metals (Price is per ounce, no per gram):

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Calculate that is Worth: how Much Pawn Shops pay For your Gold Jewelry

Now the you have the info on the karat load of your gold jewelry, and the present market value (as shown in the precious steel chart), you can an ext or less determine exactly how much is a fair price.

Let’s say you want to sell your bracelet which has actually a rubber stamp that claims it is 18 karat gold. This is 75% pure or 0.75. If that weighs 30 grams, then you multiply 30 times 0.75 climate multiplied through the current price of gold in the sector per gram.

Another example: 14k yellow jewelry (without a diamond or any other priceless stones) is 58.5% pure, and also your jewelry weighs 40 grams, climate 40 x 0.585 x present gold price in grams.

Pawn shops will pay all over from 25% and up that its identified value or worth. In ~ Clark Pawners and also Jewellers, we offer above what others offer for gold and also other valuables.

Keep in mind that there are numerous who will certainly offer rapid money as soon as selling your gold, however a noteworthy piece that advice is to walk to a pawn shop v a good track record, via virtual reviews.

Some Tips once You decision to offer Your Gold

Find a trusted pawn shop.


Honest gold buyers have a physics store, such together an developed pawn shop with decades of suffer in purchase gold.

By offering to pawn shops directly, they pay a fair value for her gold jewelry and also eliminate that lowballing middleman that would make fast cash offers yet buy at a lower price.

Make certain you always check the existing market value.

When you recognize your gold jewelry’s worth, you know you can acquire a an excellent deal and a same amount. Examine our price chart over before selling your yellow jewelry.

Some commonly Asked Questions

Is it far better to market gold at a pawn shop?

Selling yellow to a pawnshop has advantages. You obtain a fair and honest appraisal indigenous an established and trusted buyer and you obtain cash ~ above the spot.

Do friend get much more if girlfriend pawn or sell?

In essence, friend get much more by selling than pawning. This is due to the fact that with pawn loans, as well as paying earlier the loan amount, you likewise have to salary interest and also fees.

With selling, that is just a one-time transaction. After you sell, you have no additional obligation come the pawnshop. The just reason you can want to take into consideration a pawn loan versus selling is if you want to organize on to that pawned item.

Do pawn shops pay full price because that gold?

Keep in psychic that as pawn shops likewise need to profit to keep the service going, you do not obtain the full price for her gold jewelry. You can get almost everywhere from 25% up. In ~ Clark Pawners and also Jewellers, we pay greater than the mean gold and also jewelry buyer.

Nevertheless, you can acquire a an excellent offer through doing her research.

Your ideal bet when selling her gold jewel is to get feedback and to constantly read evaluate of pawn shops to obtain a same deal.

How lot is a 14K gold bracelet worth at a pawn shop?


To uncover a 14 karat gold bracelet’s value, have your bracelet weighed in a jewelry scale for an ext accuracy, main point by its purity rating the 0.585 (for a 14 karat gold) x market value and also a pawn shop’s final appraisal.

How carry out pawn shops determine the value of gold?

Pawn shops think about the purity of her gold jewel in terms of karats, the load in grams, existing prices, then the pawn shop’s discretion.

How can I market my gold jewelry without gaining ripped off?

Be careful of human being who would make fast cash offers. The is not worth the money to sell to those who have actually no proven track record. Take time to ask around and also compare prices. Much better yet, check out reviews.

Should I market my yellow jewelry now?


If the money would certainly be put to much better use such as lowering debts and liabilities, beginning a tiny business, jae won emergencies or a children education, these space investments and also is thus a valid reason to offer them now.

What is the best means to offer gold?

To acquire the finest price possible, search for a pawn shop with years of experience and also service. Inspect Google reviews and also ask questions from human being you know. That is always a great idea to offer to an established pawn shop because such a store has actually lasted fan to an excellent business practices.

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Clark Pawners and also Jewelers is one together pawnshop. We have developed a solid reputation for buying gold at the best prices plus rapid cash offers. You can read about what human being like around us with reviews native happy clients.