Pushed higher by continued collector demand and also bullion prices your 1888 Morgan silver dollar worth is a minimum that $21.89.

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With its huge silver contents as a nice start and strong collector need for the mountain Francisco worry your coin has the potential for much greater value. That the 3 mints that developed silver dollars in 1888, those win at mountain Francisco space scarce today. View the section below the value table and using the mintmark image uncover if your is the "S" mint.

Now let"s revolve to the problem of her coin. Pictured is a impressive silver dollar. This 1888 dissension is not just in top "uncirculated" condition however its bright original luster is free of contact marks. The is a candidate for a an important high finish collection.

Scarcity the nice problem silver dollars is becoming evident today as large numbers of collectors search for these collector high quality coins. By taking a couple of minutes to compare your old silver- dollar to the "grading" images below leads to finding today"s 1888 Morgan silver- dollar value.


Mintmarks space a tiny but important detail deciding 1888 Morgan silver- dollar value. Finding her coin was struck in ~ the san Francisco mint, determined by an "S" ~ above the reverse increases the potential value. Just listed below the ribbon is either an "S" for mountain Francisco, or one "O" indicating brand-new Orleans mint. If no mintmark is uncovered your coin was produced at the Philadelphia mint.

Discover the rare 1888 Morgan silver- Dollar

Two rarely 1888 silver dollars room pictured on the right and in today"s market each is worth well over $100. Far-reaching is that each is likewise distinctly different in appearance.

Easily noticed, one has the "look" many would agree is desirable and valuable. The other dollar is appreciated as a collectible due to the fact that of a scarce mintmark. Her 1888 silver dollar needs the attention necessary to appropriately distinguish and also find its true value.

Viewing the bottom coin, that is comparable to most worn and also circulated silver dollars encountered. Yet once the "S" mintmark is identified this coin is conveniently recognized as something uncommon and scarce. With many dates and mints developed in the millions, the total variety of San Francisco dollars dated 1888 was really low, (657,000) together reported by Whitman"s Red Book. Short initial production, an even smaller amount enduring until today and the large number of silver dollar collectors all integrate to keep the value high.

Stunning in appearance, pictured top top the peak is a "condition rarity" 1888 Morgan dollar. Although there is a vast supply of silver- dollars, any type of coin the this quality is scarce and also in good demand by collectors and also dealers. Carefully preserved and also sheltered indigenous the aspects is a rare therapy for most coins, this example stands personally retaining its initial untouched condition.

Your 1888 Morgan silver dollar worth is determined by the over fascinating mix of factors. Collectors, with mindful study have emerged a sophisticated appreciation the a silver- dollars" worth.


Details progressive 1888 Morgan silver Dollar value

Follow along with the images and descriptions as a Morgan dollar starts to wear native freshly produced "Uncirculated" condition, come a very worn instance in "Good" condition. By evaluate the various stages the wear, a "Grade" is determined. The higher the detail remaining, the better your 1888 Morgan silver dollar value.


Uncirculated: To reach the coveted "uncirculated" condition all original, as minted detail remains. None has been removed as result of wear. OK are nicks and abrasions from call with other coins, this is normal because of the minting and storage procedure of silver dollars. Confirming the uncirculated class is mint luster remaining on the entire surface, including her chin, neck line and hair listed below and above the ear. These locations are the very first to wear and exhibit a dull and smooth texture as soon as in circulation.

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Fine: Circulation has now lessened most of the finer style details come the point of merging. As whole and plainly visible, center wear describes silver dollars in "fine" condition. Liberty"s hair both above and below the ear is noticeably worn with wide flat spots now replacing the initial fine lines. Turning to the reverse, the pipeline in the wreath are now very flat, many feathers in the eagle"s neck have merged and the really tip of the wings lack any type of detail. In spite of moderate wear "fine" condition 1888-S dollars are scarce and worth over $115. Watch the section over and recognize if her coin has actually the "S" mintmark.