1906 Indian head penny worth of a well preserved example is over $7. Your coin, if it continues to be today without "problems" is sought by many.

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Value the old coins is determined by its accept by collectors. They look for quality and eye appeal. Not necessarily the ultimate in condition. One old Indian penny, worn however still satisfaction in figure is extremely collectible. Major distractions or "problems" such as dark toning, bend or big nicks room primary factors in happen down how much your 1906 Indian penny is worth.

Escaping not only wear come is surface but still v its original luster is pictured a 1906 Indian coin in "uncirculated" condition, all style detail remains. These high condition pennies profession in the collectors sector well above $30. Your coin might not fit right into this category, however, the considered above average if feather information is evident. Below the value chart, the ar on "grading" your coin highlights distinctions to judge in quality.

You have a coin with several potential for value. Numerous old coins space not as typical as once thought. Underestimating much better quality have to now it is in avoided and is excellent by correctly recognizing condition. Learning true 1906 Indian head penny worth is the result.

1906 Indian Head penny ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1906 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1906 $1.48 $2.49 $7 $31

Rare surviving 1906 Indian Head Penny

There space still to this day 1906 Indian pennies in "brand new" condition. They were never ever released right into circulation but set aside by dealers and also collectors at the time. Of this coins a details fortunate few stand out as gem quality in preservation and appearance. Collectors avidly seek and also pay high premiums for these top problem Indian pennies.

Presented in ~ a David Lawrence rare coin auction one of these rarities marketed to a high bid the $460. As you watch the coin come the right its stunning initial luster and also mark complimentary surfaces are an extremely rare amongst Indian pennies. Collector demand is constantly intense for gem quality.

Value that lesser top quality 1906 Indian head pennies might not reach right into the hundreds of dollars, but their popularity among collectors is strong. Start collections evolve to advanced and her coin go fit right into their needs. Every Indian pennies room special.


Condition Adds come 1906 Indian Head coin Value

Judging the problem of your 1906 penny leads to its specific value, perhaps greater value. The miscellaneous stages of wear are defined by a "grade" stood for by the complying with images and also descriptions.


Uncirculated: Grading "uncirculated" and also at the optimal of 1906 Indian head penny value no stay is current to the surfaces. Close examination is made come the ends of the feathers, hair and headband above her eyebrow and cheek and neck. These locations are the highest parts the the design and in the instance of the neck and also cheek, easily show any type of wear. Friend are looking for a slim flattening come the typical roundness of the designs. A toning in the direction of brown in color is intended on part coins.


Extremely Fine: A 1906 Indian coin in "extremely fine" problem displays all significant and minor design details. Her coin’s as whole appearance is distinct and also sharp. Light wear has begun to eliminate the roundness that the hair curls behind she neck. In the facility of the ribbon end these curls portions of the diamonds are fading. Hair above her eye and also along the reduced headband is reflecting light yet distinct wear. Overall a visually satisfaction coin, with no distracting faults.


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Fine: As a coin begins to present moderate wear its grade is termed "fine." feathers once carefully detailed are currently smooth at the ends and also worn in the centers. Hair curls space no longer rounded in illustration with parts blending into the headband. Listed below the ear and behind she neck the headdress ribbon and hair is doing not have detail and separation.

Good: Worn to a shallow relief with small detail remaining describes a coin in "good" condition. The area neighboring the eye is slightly defined. Just visible is a separation of chin and also neck. The headdress and also feathers room worn smooth showing just an outline. Return the lettering and also date are greatly worn they must be separated native the rim. Your 1906 Indian head coin value might be at the low end of the range but because of its history they remain an important coin.