through their value at this time at an all time high, there really is some major money to it is in made selling Pokemon cards. Sadly though, it"s not rather as an easy as finding old cards at bargain prices and also then flipping them because that profit, together a card"s age and rarity room not always reflected in that value. Instead, would be traders should invest your time and their money in stimulate to acquire a better idea of what every little thing is really worth.

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while holographic and first edition cards are frequently the most desirable, over there are also quite a couple of starter Pokemon cards that have the right to hold a most value. Whether due to the fact that of the fond memories world have of making use of these Pokemon in the gamings or just the result of there gift so countless of them, specific versions have the right to sell for hundreds of dollars. Of course, they"re not all walking to make you rich though.

Updated February 26th, 2021 by cutting board Bowen: This year point out the 25th anniversary that Pokemon, with Nintendo and also Game Freak pulling the end all the stops to memory the chance in style. As well as a brand-new Pokemon Snap game and also the rumored Diamond and also Pearl remakes, they"ve additionally been honoring the series" plenty of starter Pokemon; both in Pokemon Go and in the trading card game. With that in mind, now seems like the perfect time come take one more look in ~ which starter Pokemon cards are worth a lot and which ones are really not.

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Pikachu ~ above The round (Pokemon card)
The Pikachu on the round card is an extremely rare one indeed. Not only was it never made accessible in packs, yet it to be only ever before given come members the the English FA"s Pokemon Youth Futsal Program. Even then, civilization had come go the end of their means to inquiry a copy.

the rarity alone makes it a highly desirable card, however it"s also coveted because that its an effective moveset. V a 50% possibility of handle 120 damage, that is Lightning Shot assault is very overpowered because that a straightforward card. It"s for this reason that the once complimentary card has sold for more than $1,000 on multiple occasions in the past.

EX Dragon collection Mudkip (Pokemon card)
Mudkip might be good when it comes to memes, however the cute little critter holds very tiny value once it concerns the Pokemon trading card game. Over there are numerous variants available, but one the the cheapest and most common originates from the EX Dragon set and deserve to be choose up because that as little as $0.80.

With only one move and also a reasonably underwhelming one at that, it"s simple to check out why the map holds so tiny value. Most other variants that Mudkip generally sell for likewise low prices together well, return there is one the can fetch considerably more if it"s in the right condition.

It"s quite baffling how one version of Mudkip can be worth so much when the others hold so small value. As with most points though, it likely just comes under to supply and also demand and also there is lot of of the latter for this yellow star card.

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also ungraded copies of the card have actually sold for as much as $750, with mint problem cards usually marketing for hundreds of dollars. It"s the sort of map that numerous collectors will have just forgotten about or assumed would be worthless, therefore if you have one, much better get selling!

McDonalds 25th Anniversary Promo collection (Pokemon cards)
to commemorate the 25th anniversary the the series, the Pokemon company teamed up v McDonalds to relax a one-of-a-kind promotional set featuring every starter Pokemon in the series. There room 25 of castle included, although each one has actually its very own holographic variant for a full of 50 cards. They"re not rather as flashy as the gold promo cards indigenous Burger King a few years back, yet they remain extremely collectible nonetheless.

Despite many that the cards being pilfered prior to they could find their means into happy meals though, their value is surprisingly low. Every 50 deserve to be purchased with each other for as little as $50 while separation, personal, instance cards are typically selling for between two and also five dollars a pop. Similar to most Pokemon cards though, their worth will almost certainly increase as time go on.

As shortly as you get to the first gen starters, collectors begin making some money. It"s exciting that many Pokémon prefer Venusaur and Blastoise do an mean amount the money, yet once it involves Charmander and also Charizard, the value virtually doubles!

Worth about $1999, this 1995 rarely Charmander map (from the Team Rocket set) is in wonderful condition, is a 1st edition, and also is surprisingly valuable, especially due to the fact that they seem come be for sale almost everywhere ranging native $50-$2000!

Whilst most would think that having the 1st edition of such a beloved and well-known Pokémon choose Squirtle would job-related in her favor. Unfortunately with this card selling at around $65, that isn"t the best investment ever.

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Nevertheless, $65 is tho a pretty great profit because that those spring at offering one, it"s just not as an excellent as various other starter cards. It have to be noted that among the key reasons this card offered well was that it to be in almost mint condition, which help the worth greatly.

Whilst the 1st edition Squirtle map isn"t worth the world, this Pikachu one certainly is. What makes it so valuable is just how rare that is, especially because there space actually 2 versions that this, one through red cheeks (the original) and also one v yellow cheeks (changed by WOTC). Therefore, the red cheeks edition is much more valuable.

comes in in ~ an typical of $400 (can be much greater depending ~ above quality), this card is an especially sought after and if any collectors have actually one, you can make some pretty good money!

Chikorita is certainly a pan favorite as soon as it comes to starter Pokémon. However, it just isn"t worth having! If fans room looking to buy or sell, they must be expecting around $0.90 for a solitary mint condition Chikorita card, or $24.00 if you include in a Totodile.

Ultimately, due to both being so common and also rather unwanted, most human being either don"t market it or just keep it and hope the the value goes up.

For part reason, this map is simply over-the-top type of valuable! marketing on eBay for a whopping $1,525.00, this Torchic gold Star Ex Team Rocket Returns card is clearly sought after and also in the condition, it"s detailed as, absolutely a good quality card!

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What renders this really exciting is that, whilst Torchic is cute, it absolutely isn"t powerful, or a first edition! Ultimately, it"s in an excellent quality and is plainly a really popular card to buy and also sell!

just like Chikorita, this gen II starters don"t it seems to be ~ to be worth lot at all! Whilst that is rare and a holo, it just doesn"t comprise for the truth that no many civilization want it. After all, most are looking for the first gens or the an effective legendaries like Raikou or Moltres.

Still, if you have actually this map then $30 is tho a lot of money to make if the card costs approximately $1, but it"s simply not really worth much in the sense of other starter Pokémon cards.

There have been lot of of advancement Pokemon cards released over the years, but few are rather as an important as one of the ones the were released to memory the first Pokemon movie. Over there were countless them handed out throughout the world, yet thanks to a print error, some are worth rather a the majority of money.

when a constant version that the card frequently sells for around $50, the misprint consistently goes for roughly $3,000. It"s unclear exactly how the first movie stamp came to be inverted nor is it known how numerous of the cards are out there, which more than likely contributes a lot come the card"s high value.

countless fans would think that marketing a collection would it is in a great way come get more money the end of it. ~ all, if you desire one starter friend might too have all three to finish the set! However, this, unfortunately, isn"t the case and also it sells because that so low the most end up offering the cards separately!

offering at roughly $4.00 - $20.00, in some cases, collectors and also sellers, aren"t also making the money earlier they spent on the card load in the an initial place, make this set pretty much worthless.

Imagine make $20,000 on a solitary Pokémon card! fine if you have actually a first edition Bulbasaur in mint condition then it"s entirely possible! This famous and well-loved Pokémon has actually everything, rarity, popularity, and an excellent condition definition that this price is pretty realistic.

What really sets this map apart indigenous others choose it is the it"s ranked together a great 10 in its condition, an interpretation it"s pristine. This is not an easy grade to acquire so having actually one of these is extremely an useful in itself.

Most gained hold the these once the Detective Pikachu film come out, expecting them to be worth a lot, and also whilst the film itself is currently the highest-rated video clip game movie, the cards just aren"t popular.

marketing at a wonderful typical of $9.00, this cards just haven"t had actually the time to prosper yet. Most civilization have one v the intentionally of them being worth a lot therefore they are incredibly easy to come by. However, you deserve to still make a tiny bit the money off them, it simply isn"t yes, really worth it.

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