Svedka is the renowned brand for vodka began in Sweden and owned through Constellation Brands, one American Company. Svedka vodka was very first imported in the year 1998 come the joined States. It has actually quickly come to be famous, and at present, it is the second topmost vodka brand the is imported.

Like plenty of other eminent vodka brands, Svedka has been doing a wonderful job in keeping a bright look in the industry by bringing numerous latest present packaging. Svedka has actually succeeded in gaining many group awards and also honors, along with a gold Medal in the competition of worldwide wine and spirits for Svedka 80-Proof.

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Svedka bottle Sizes and also Prices

Svedka vodka has developed a brand because that itself, and also in the allude of competitor’s price, comparatively, the Svedka party price expenses less. When the price of Svedka vodka is compared with brands favor Stolichnaya and also Tito’s, the Svedka is accessible for less than $20 per liter. Svedka has actually shaped itself a an are amongst new craft cocktail devices by continually introducing numerous emboldening and best Svedka flavors.


In this way, Svedka continued to be in a “cheap” vodka line when compared to various other challengers with an equal top quality range. The basic Svedka prices for 750ml varieties from $8.99 come $12.99, and also the 5th of Svedka price varies based upon the flavor. Svedka vodka party are available in various sizes that room 750ml, 1l, 1.75l, and fifty percent gallon of Svedka. Strawberry lemonade Svedka price ranges from $8.99 come $12.99.

Svedka bottle Price range of various Flavors

Type / Svedka Vodka FlavorsSizePrice
Svedka Peach750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Strawberry Lemonade750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Strawberry Colada750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Vodka1.75L$16.99 – $20.99
Svedka 100°750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Colada750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Vanilla750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Blue Raspberry750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Vodka750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Cucumber Lime750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Cherry750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Citron750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Orange Cream Pop750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Clementine750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Mango Pineapple750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Vodka1L$11.99 – $16.99
Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeño750ml$8.99 – $12.99
Svedka Raspberry750ml$8.99 – $12.99

Svedka handle Prices in ~ Stores

TypeSvedka SizesPrice
Svedka Vodka1.75l$17.49
Svedka Vodka1.75l$25.99
Svedka Citron Vodka750ml$14.49
Svedka Price 750ml750ml$14.49
Sam’s Club
Svedka Vodka1.75l$17.58
Target Svedka Prices
Svedka Vodka750ml$13.99
Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno Vodka1.75l$19.99
Svedka Vodka750ml$13.99
Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka750ml$13.99
Svedka Vodka750ml$14.49
Svedka Vodka1.75l$29.99
Svedka Vodka750ml$11.28
Svedka Vodka1.75l$17.97

Properties that Svedka Vodka

Svedka includes 40% alcohol through volume (80 Svedka proof), sleek for 5 times and also prepared from swedish winter wheat that turn out to it is in smooth, new taste. That is also accessible in 100-proof (50 percent alcohol through volume), and also generally, flavored versions have actually 35% alcohol (70 proof).

How to consume Svedka Drinks?

Svedka is a perfect balance to many numbers that cocktails, yet it’s much better to have actually it on ice-cubes with a call of water. Svedka bring a luscious shot either at room temperature or chilled. The only method that you require to mix come Svedka depends on individual preference. You can consume Svedka either in cocktails or right away.

Svedka Nutrition Facts

Based ~ above the flavor, the nutrition will vary, and also here are Svedka nutrition facts for some flavors.

Raspberry Vodka ( Svedka)Serving size: 1 ounce, Calories: 69, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0gSvedka vodka lemonadeServing size: 10 oz, Calories: 138, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g.Svedka Cherry vodkaServing size: 1 0z, Calories: 69, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g

Do’s and Don’ts

Svedka is the best ally in ~ the point of make cocktails just due to the fact that of its flexibility. To make use of its delicious taste effectively, start with your desired drink, and also discover a odor to increase the drinkability. Because that example, generally, the greyhound is ready from grapefruit juice and vodka.

Still, when included with Svedka grapefruit jalapeno, the cocktail will revolve out to be a punch and also unsurpassed spiciness. You can prepare numerous combinations with Svedka related drinks, and your creativity makes you reap newly produced go-top cocktails. The best means is to choose a Svedka is to make a trace your own or ask because that a sample from the bartender.

Interesting facts around Svedka

For preparing a solitary Svedka bottle, it calls for 4 pounds the winter wheat, which room grown locally.In the united States, Svedka vodka stands together the second topmost trade imported vodka.Svedka, the surname is the mishmash of “Svenska” (meaning Sweden) and vodka.

Svedka Vodka Recipes

There space plenty of recipes feasible with Svedka. Permit us have a look at at few of the recipes.

Electric Strawberry Lemonade


2 parts: Svedka strawberry lemonade½ part: Blue Curacao½ part: Pineapple Juice½ part: new Lemon Juice


Please save all the ingredients into the blender and also blend lock at greater speeds and, in ~ last, include crushed ice pieces.Pour the finished strawberry lemonade into the pilsner/ Hurricane glass.Finally, decorate with the lemon wedge.

Blue Rasmopolitan


1 ½ part: Svedka Blue Raspberry½ part: new Lemon Juice½ part: Triple Sec½ part: Cranberry JuiceCotton candy


Mix all the ingredient in a cocktail shaker end ice-cubesShake and have the in a martini glassFinally, garnish it through cotton candy

Bee’s Holiday


2 parts: Svedka mango pineapple¾ part: fresh lemon juice¾ part: honey


Blend complete ingredients in a cocktail shaker crammed with iceShake and take out in the rock glass through fresh iceDecorate v a honeycomb


How much is a bottle of Svedka?

Based on the flavor and also size that a bottle, the Svedka prices differs, but the general price varieties from $8.99 come $29.99. 

How much is a fifth of Svedka?

Nowadays, party are accessible in 750 ml, i m sorry is close to to 1/5 of a gallon. The 5th of Svedka price varieties from $8.99 to $12.99.

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Final Verdict

Svedka is doing an outstanding job by dispersing itself across the globe and countrywide bartenders. Svedka Prices, the continuous innovations and also fresh seasonings make the Svedka remain pertinent in the market and even among the bartenders who constantly love come make brand-new concoctions.

Svedka is performing well among all the reviewers on virtually all the review sites. Svedka vodka evaluation from plenty of customers says that it has actually a an extremely potable taste and also is smooth enough to have it on its own. Svedka is building a name and fame for itself through being an ext flavorsome and cost-efficient for any cocktail.