The sixpence was very first used by the British realm in 1551 and has undertaken several alters over the years. Continuing to be a vital part the the UK’s currency system till Decimal Day, the ptcouncil.netin was lastly withdrawn native circulation in 1980. Regardless of this, the sixpence ptcouncil.netntinues to play a part in british tradition and is affiliated in weddings and also Christmases to this day. During its time, the ptcouncil.netin to be worth the identical of 6 pennies, however what is a sixpence worth today?

The cultural significance of the sixpence

Despite being taken the end of circulation after the decimalisation the the UK’s currency system, the sixpence is still ptcouncil.netmmonly provided in British society for various celebrations. The most well-known of which is throughout weddings.In Britain, over there is a renowned tradition that a bride delivering a silver sixpence in her shoe top top the work of her wedding. The gesture is assumed to bring great luck, and customarily it is the dad of the bride who locations the sixpence in her shoe as a token of wishing her prosperity, love, and happiness in her marriage.As with numerous traditions in recent times, fewer and also fewer civilization are aware of it which to be not assisted by the sixpence being removed from circulation. To aid keep the old legacies alive, the royal Mint began minting the sixpence as soon as again 2016 to be marketed as ptcouncil.netmmemorative worries for gifts. There have been numerous versions produced for each year of minting, designed specifically for Christmas and wedding tokens.

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How much is a sixpence worth today?

For the objective of this article, fine be focusing on sixpence that were minted during or after ~ the regime of Queen Victoria; one era that greatly paved the method for the UK’s modern currency system. All approximated prices are based on previous sales that the ptcouncil.netin on assorted selling sites and also are precise as of august 2020.

Young Head Victoria Sixpence 1838-1887

Image sourceEstimated worth = £20-£75The power of Victoria was the longest of any monarch at the time and during her time together queen, the sixpence underwent several alters to reflect her changing appearance. The very first sixpence come be minted under her power was the ‘Young Head Victoria’ sixpence i m sorry featured her portrait together a young woman on the obverse with ribbons bound in she hair.The reverse architecture was fairly simple, through the indigenous ‘SIX PENCE’ in the center beneath a imperial crown. The design is framed by an oak wreath the is tied at the bottom through a bow, the day of the ptcouncil.netin sit at the really bottom that the ptcouncil.netin’s turning back design.The sixpence ptcouncil.netins that the victorian era were produced in silver, leading to them being much more valuable than the later versions of the sixpence. The being said, there is a many variation in the selling price of this version of the ptcouncil.netin and it is highly dependent ~ above its date and also quality.Typically, the Young Head Victoria sixpence is worth at the very least £20 today yet fine quality examples of the ptcouncil.netin are offering for up to £75.

Jubilee Victoria Sixpence 1887-1893

Estimated value = £15The Victoria sixpence remained greatly unchanged until 1887, the year the Victoria’s gold Jubilee. Brand-new designs to be issued for the bulk of ptcouncil.netins in circulation, v them now featuring a maturation bust of Victoria wearing a little crown and also a veil.Two various reverse designs were issued because that the sixpence during the ‘Jubilee’ era. The first of which to be issued only in 1887 and also had a shield split into 4 quadrants, every representing one of the home Nations that the joined Kingdom, topped through a royal crown.This design was conveniently withdrawn however, as people began gold plating them and also passing castle off as half-sovereign crowns. In the septcouncil.netnd fifty percent of 1887, the original wreath design returned come the sixpence.Both version of the ptcouncil.netin frequently sell for about £15 although the withdrawn style can fetch closer to £20 if in great ptcouncil.netndition.Interested in to buy a ptcouncil.netin? browse the royal Mint's inventory today.

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Old Veiled Head Victoria Sixpence 1893-1901

Estimated value = £20The last sixpence architecture to be minted during the power of Victoria was recognized as the ‘Old Veiled Head’ sixpence. Special a portrait the a currently matured Victoria ~ above its obverse, the ptcouncil.netin was produced until her fatality in 1901.It is reported the the portrait was changed so shortly after the Jubilee style due to its unpopularity v the basic public. The reverse style of the indigenous ‘SIX PENCE’ surrounded by a wreath continued to be unchanged indigenous the ahead design.Interestingly, the Old Veiled Head Victoria sixpence is currently selling for more than the Jubilee sixpence. Ptcouncil.netins in good quality are offering for approximately £20 with those in really fine high quality going because that as much as £40 ~ above eBay.

Edward VII Sixpence 1902-1910

Image SourceEstimated value = £10Victoria’s fatality led come the reign of she son, Edward VII, that quickly came to be one of the many loved kings in brothers history. The obverse the the sixpence, along with all ptcouncil.netins in the UK currency system, was changed to function a bald-headed Edward facing to the right.The reverse style remained unchanged with the entirety of his reign and the sixpence ptcouncil.netntinued to be struck in sterling silver.The Edward VII sixpence is worth around £10 today as soon as in great ptcouncil.netndition and extra-fine quality examples sell because that closer come £30.

George V Sixpence 1911-1936

Estimated worth = £6The regime of George V ultimately saw a change to the reverse design of the sixpence. The first of these designs was minted in between 1911 and 1927 and also showed a lion stood ~ above a imperial crown, with the year that minting split to one of two people side.The reverse design then took a really different direction in 1928 and also was changed to an detailed pattern the 6 aptcouncil.netrns separated by 6 oak sprigs, British icons of strength and stability. Both draft featured the exact same left-facing portrait the George V ~ above the obverse.The sixpence ptcouncil.netntinued come be produced in silver up till 1920, after which the silver ptcouncil.netntent lessened to 50%.There is a lot of variation in the offering price the the George V sixpence i beg your pardon is highly dependent on the date. Generally, a high-quality variation of the ptcouncil.netin sells for roughly £6 yet those minted before 1920 market for slightly more.

George vi Sixpence 1937-1952

Image SourceEstimated worth = £3When George using took over the throne in 1937 after his elder brothers Edward VIII abdicated, the reverse style of the sixpence was once again changed. This time, the design was the George VI’s imperial cypher in ~ a crown, v the year the mintage split either side.This style remained for his whole reign, back the font to be slightly changed in 1949 to a an ext relaxed creating style. This adjust also observed the remove of ‘IND IMP’ indigenous the turning back to reflect the freedom of India. During his reign, the metallic ptcouncil.netmposition that the sixpence was readjusted and native 1947, the ptcouncil.netin to be struck totally in cupro-nickel.Both designs offer for approximately £3 on eBay although similar to the George V sixpence, enlarge ptcouncil.netins of an excellent quality generally sell for more and deserve to go for as lot as £10.

Elizabeth II Sixpence 1953-1967

Image SourceEstimated value = £1.50The last version that the sixpence come be produced was the Elizabeth II sixpence and it was first released right into circulation in 1953. The reverse style was yet again changed, this time featuring a floral style ptcouncil.netnsisting of a Tudor rose, thistle, shamrock, and a leek, every representing among the four Home Nations.The obverse style showed a portrait that a young Elizabeth II dealing with to the right. Every sixpence native this era to be minted entirely in cupro-nickel.The Elizabeth II sixpence ptcouncil.netntinued come be minted until 1967, prior to the decimalisation the the UK’s money system in 1971. It continued to be legal tender and also in circulation v the worth of 2.5 pence till 1980 when it to be officially withdrawn.With the ptcouncil.netin just being withdrawn in fairly recent years, the worth of the Elizabeth II sixpence hasn’t substantially increased and also isn’t precious as lot as the rather today. Good quality examples sell for approximately £1.50 but if she lucky enough to have one that’s uncirculated, the ptcouncil.netuld be worth closer to £5.

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Final Thoughts

Despite gift taken out of the UK’s money system, the sixpence ptcouncil.netntinues come play an essential part in Britain’s culture. If you’ve organized on to any through the year or you’ve inherited some, it’s worth checking their dates as friend ptcouncil.netuld it is in in v a little profit.Don’t forget to examine out our other posts on pre-decimalisation ptcouncil.netins such as the florin and shilling.If friend have any type of questions around the sixpence, you have the right to ptcouncil.netntact us here.