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Introducing Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer, The Only hard Lemonade Seltzer do by Lemonade Experts

Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer Launches Nationwide


CHICAGO, Feb. 16, 2021 / -- Now hitting shelves near you, Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer blends the full flavor taste of authentic lemonade through the features of hard seltzer. Do by THE professionals in tough lemonade who created the category on April 1, 1999, hard lemonade fans can rejoice and cheers with the new, superior tasting tough lemonade seltzer.

In a recent consumer taste test1, consumers wanted Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer"s premium taste end the competition, and also its many authentic lemonade flavor. Crafted native the can be fried lemon trifecta – a proprietary blend of 3 specialty lemon varietals – Mike"s lemonade smell delivers a unique taste and also crisp finish. Making use of a one-of-a-kind cold pressed method, more lemon odor is extracted into their lemonades and consumers can taste the difference. Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer is 100 calories, 1 gram the sugar, and gluten free.

"We room obsessed through crafting the best-tasting hard lemonades, i beg your pardon we have actually perfected end the last 21 years," claimed John Shea, chef marketing officer, Mike"s difficult Lemonade Co. "Other carriers do various other things, Mike"s renders lemonade. Mike"s has actually been the #1 difficult lemonade for over two decades for transferring the superior taste, and also now we space thrilled to introduce Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer, the finest tasting hard lemonade seltzer."

Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer come in a 12-can range pack of 4 refreshing flavors:

Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer Lemon leads with a zesty aroma and also signature mix the lemonade sweetness and tartness that just Mike"s can make.Mike"s tough Lemonade Seltzer Strawberry has actually an unmistakable scent of ripe strawberry flavor and also delivers top top the taste the the tried and also true lemonade combo.Mike"s hard Lemonade Seltzer Mango provides the perfect balance that craveable, ripe mango flavor with lemon sweetness and tartness.Mike"s hard Lemonade Seltzer Pineapple blasts taste buds through a fresh twist the pineapple odor for full tropical perfection.

Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer is available now nationwide. Visit the product locator ~ above the brand"s website to find at your nearest retailer,

About Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer

Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer is the full flavor difficult lemonade seltzer crafted utilizing the cleanest-tasting alcohol base with a proprietary and unique, patented filtration process. Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer is 100 calories, has 1 gram that sugar, and 5% ALC/VOL per 12 fl oz, and is gluten free. Obtainable in 4 flavors. To learn much more about Mike"s difficult Lemonade Seltzer, visit or learn more at
top top Twitter.

Please drink responsibly. Hard seltzer with flavors. Every Registered Trademarks, supplied under license by Mike"s hard Lemonade Co., Chicago, IL 60661.

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1 The third-party taste test was carried out in January 2021 in accordance v blind taste trial and error standards and also protocols in customer sensory research.