A Long Way Gone (2007) is a profoundly moving book that was composed by Ishmael Beah, a young man from Sierra Leone. The story told by Beah is a true story about his life as a child soldier in the time of the civil war in his house nation.

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12-year-old Ishmael Beah lives a relatively happy life in Sierra Leone till the civil war breaks out and he is forced to run for his life. He is alone, separated from his family, and he wanders a land rendered unrecognizable by violence.

By the age of thirteen he is forcecompletely recruited by the federal government army. Throughout the following two years Beah, a gentle boy at heart, finds that he is qualified of truly horrendous acts. He is trained to kill his enemies in the most brutal ways; something that at initially appears difficult yet later on becomes a halittle bit. In the book we follow Beah via the years as a son soldier in Sierra Leone. We also view him through the duration after he is released by the army and also sent to a UNICEF rehabilitation center. Here a brand-new struggle begins; the battle to re-enter civilian life and to reacquire his mankind. And lastly we follow him to the USA where he now resides. He is today a student, writer and also a humale legal rights activist.This NRK intersee (13 min) introduces you to Ishmael Beah, his previous life and his current life.

A Long Way Gone – Excerpt

A Long Way Gone

Working via the Book

After having read the initially few pages of the book, what was your first impression? As you ongoing to check out the story, did your initially impression around the book change? If so, why?

Comment on the interpretation of the title: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.Where and when does the action take place? How does the setting adjust throughout the book? Describe the social and political context of the book.Ishmael Beah is a dynamic character. Describe exactly how he alters throughout the book, and comment on the development he goes through.What does he remember about his father, mom, brothers, grandpa, grandmother, and other relatives? In what conmessage do these memories occur? What do these memories tell us around Beah himself and around his culture?Who does Beah take into consideration to be vital to him on his journey via Sierra Leone and also in New York? Why are these people important? Tright here are some people that Beah can never before forobtain. Who are they?Why are there so many boys and guys mentioned in Beah's memoir, and also so few girls and also women?Are the government soldiers and also the RUF members ever described in a positive way? If so, how? What stands out in Beah's memory around these people?How would you describe the standard plot of the memoir? Describe at least one event in the novel that made an impression on you. Why carry out you remember this certain part so well?Does the narrative progression chronologically? When does it diverge from a straightforward, linear progression?Comment on the language Beah provides. Can you say anypoint around his vocabulary, usage of imagery or tone / feeling of the story?The book’s graphic depictions of violence are countless and unsettling. What is your emotional response to reading about so much violence? We regularly view violence in movies, video games and on the evening news. What execute you think is most disturbing: seeing it on film or reading descriptions of it by the perboy who committed the atrocities?Why perform you think Beah is so thorough in his summary of the violence that colored his life for 3 years? If he had actually spared the details, how would that have actually adjusted your perception of the book?In your check out, what is the primary message of the memoir? What do you think Ishmael Beah is trying to teach us?Explore these themes and also define in what method they are appropriate to A Long Way Gone.Family and communityLoss and also sufferingRedemptionDeath and also lifeFriendshipHatred and also revengeForgiveness and compassionHappinessSurvivalGrowth and flourishing upGovernments and also politicsLeaders and also followersRemembrance and memoriesThe existing, the past and also the futureNature, the Natural World, Mother Nature

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Useful Sources

A Long Way Gone – Macmillan . Study Guide, excerpt from audiobook, about the writer.

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Child SoldiersAccording to the United Nations, tright here are about 280,000 kids under the age of 18 serving in federal government forces or armed rebel groups.