In Batman Year One Bruce Wayne is claimed to be 25. He met Robin (Dick Grayson, 12 years old) in his second or 3rd year together Batman. The must have been about 27-28 earlier then.Robin becomes Nightwing as soon as he is 18 years old. Batman must have actually been 33-34 year old then. That trains Jason todd (Robin II) for 6 months, and he die approximatly in the same year. For this reason batman must have been 34-35 then. (Note that he has been at this point already 10 year on the job, but in No Man"s floor they say he"s to be 10 year Batman at that point, which is impossible)He meets Tim Drake and trains the aproximatly the following year, therefore he must have actually been 36 at the point.Now he joins the JLA, the whole Knightfall Saga and all, en let"s just pretend every that just lasted for a year, the must have been 37 then.Then comes No Man"s Land, i m sorry last precisely One Year. He"s 38.Then it"s Bruce Wayne Murder, Hush, finish of JLA until unlimited Crisis. Let"s say that lasted another year months. 39 year oldThen come 52, and also ofcourse One Year Later. 40 year old.And I"m willing to say the until final Crisis, every that has been six months. So he"s 40,5.P.S. Ns think the Tim Drake"s around 16,5 or 17,5.What do you think? Am i right? Am ns wrong?

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I"m guesing that he is 35-36 ideal now.He started as soon as he was 26 and also it is constantly said the he"s been at it for over or under a decade, so ns think that"s correct(I only shot because i"m generally trying to number out scarecrows current age, which may be 42-43)

You"re gonna acquire a headache thinking about this. The recons, the crisis, the writers that overlook continuity...But the critical i examine he to be 39 years old. I read it somewhere....This is not useful at all, is it?


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Tim Drake was 9 as soon as he first met Batman; so, walk by your presumption that Bruce is 36 once he meets and trains Tim, Tim deserve to only it is in 13.5 or 14 as soon as Bruce is 40.5