How Are equines Measured?Horse height Table Of some Different varieties Of well-known Horse breeds From roughly The WorldThe height Of A steed Depends ~ above Its BreedWhat to be The Largest horse Ever?How to Measure her Horse?Converting MeasurementsHow To estimate A Young Horse’s tires HeightConclusion

Different equine breeds stand at various heights, and also to find out just how tall is a horse, one must think about several factors. Equines are measure by “hands,” and, in general, the typical horse elevation is 15.2 hands.

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But what is a hand? and how deserve to you measure exactly how tall your steed is? There are several thousands of breeds of horses, and also each of these horse varieties is bred for specific physiology and also size to be able to do a particular kind of work. Each of these steed breeds grow to a different size. Some are so little that they can fit on your couch, and some room so tall the you would have to climb a ladder come touch their ears. 

Here’s some info on the elevation of some famous horse breeds of horses, and how you can measure the elevation of your horse.

How Are steeds Measured?

The elevation of a steed is measured in hands (hh). A hand is four inches.1hh = 4 inches

So, a steed that procedures 16 hand is 64 inches high (16 x 4 = 64), and also a steed that actions 17 hand is 68 inches tall (17 x 4 = 68). 

The hand is offered as the unit of measure up in Canada, the unified States, and England. In various other regions throughout the world, the metric device is offered to record a horse’s height.

Horse height Table Of part Different types Of well-known Horse breeds From about The World

NameOriginClassificationHeightAmerican 4 minutes 1 HorseUnited StatesLight15.2 come 16.1 hhAmerican SaddlebredUnited StatesLight15 hand (hh) come 16 hhAmerican StandardbredUnited StatesLight14 hands (hh) come 16 hhAppaloosaSpain, unified StatesLight14 come 15.3 hhArabianArabiaLight14 to 15 hhBelgianBelgiumDraftUp come 17 hhClydesdaleScotlandDraft17 to 18 hhConnemaraIrelandPony13 come 14.2 hhDutch WarmbloodHollandWarmblood16 hhHackneyEnglandLight14.2 come 16 hhWelsh PonyWalesPony12.2 hhPaint HorseUnited StatesLight15 to 16 hhThoroughbredEnglandLight14.2 come 17 hh


The height Of A horse Depends on Its Breed

Ponies, because that example, are categorized through their elevation as small, medium, and large. Little ponies space those that are less than 12.2 hands in height, while tool ponies range from 12.3 hands to 13.2 hand tall, and huge ponies selection from 13.3 hands to 14.2 hands tall. The average elevation of a Miniature steed is 38 inches. Smaller and average steed breeds incorporate the quarter equine that has an typical of 59.3 inches, the Morgan that averages 69 inches, and also the Arabian steed that averages 59.7 inches.

Taller breeds, favor the standardbred, the are provided for harness racing averages a lining 63 inches.Warmblood breeds choose sport steeds bred because that competition purses and also used in display jumping and also eventing favor the Danish warmblood and Holsteiner can be as tall together 66 come 68 inches. The Oldenburg have the right to be everywhere as tall as 64 come 70 customs tall.Draft each other or draft equines that are true workhorses in every sense prosper exceptionally tall. Because that example, a full-grown Belgian averages 16 hands. The Percheron is taller and also averages 16.2 hands once it is fully grown. The Shire is the tallest draft breed and also averages 17 hands, with several of them virtually reaching 18 hands. Click here to uncover out the 9 best horse each other in the world.

What to be The Largest horse Ever?

The tallest horse ever was Sampson, a Shire horse who was born in 1846, in Bedfordshire, England. He to be the heaviest and also the tallest equine to be ever recorded. By the moment he was four years old, he was 2.134 meter high and was, therefore, change the name “Mammoth.” In 2010, huge Jake – a Belgian Gelding horse, became the tallest steed living. That measured 20 hand 2.75 inches in ~ the time.

How come Measure your Horse?

A horse is always measured indigenous the ground come its withers – and not from the optimal of that head. The elevation is measured from the ground come the highest suggest on the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades). 

A horse measuring pole is the quickest and also most straightforward means to measure the elevation of your horse, although you can use a measure up tape together well.

Start by acquiring your steed to was standing on a firm and level area of ground. This is crucial to ensure the horse’s human body is level. Ensure the horse’s feet room positioned squarely – the hooves should be beside each other, hip-width apart. If one foot is in front of the other, it might throw off the measurement.Start by place the measure up stick in ~ the base of among its front hooves. If you space using a measure tape, start the same means and pull it up to the highest point on the withers. The withers height is in ~ the facility of the horse’s body. You have the right to use a stick that spans indigenous the peak of the withers to the measuring ice to discover the precise height. Most measuring rod come v an attachment the sticks the end so you can acquire a level measurement native the withers.

Converting Measurements

1 hh – 4 inch (10.2 cm).If you are using a tape measure the is in inches, and also you desire to understand what your steed measures in hand (hh), divide the measurement videotaped by 4. So, if, because that example, your steed measured 68 inches, divide 68 by 4. The result is 17 hh. If your steed measured 71 inches, then your equine is 17 hh and 3 inches, or 17.3 hh.

How To calculation A Young Horse’s mature Height

If you have actually a young horse, you can determine its maturation height. Measure up the length of the leg from that knee come the ground, separated by 90 x 100 x 4. The will provide you an estimate of its mature height. 

Also, a steed is 61% of its mature size at birth, 84% of its mature dimension at 6 months, 92% of its adult size at 12 months, and also 95% of its mature size at 18 month of age.


The answer come this question have the right to only be answered by measure up a horse. If the typical horse elevation is 15.2 hh, the height of a steed will count on that is breed and also the type of horse it is. Over there are precise methods to measure up the height of a horse, and also by utilizing these methods, you have the right to measure just how tall a certain horse is.If girlfriend need aid to determine what size steed is finest suited because that you examine out this awesome guide by valuable Horse Hints.

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