While men may have a reputation together the an ext thick-headed that the sexes, women actually have actually the more thickness skulls, a brand-new imaging examine finds.

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Jesse Ruan the the Ford Motor agency and colleagues at Tianjin university of scientific research and an innovation in China examined head-scan images of 3,000 patient at the Tianjin Fourth central Hospital and found some exciting differences in between men and women that might have effects on research and also design initiatives to safeguard the head in vehicle collisions.

The average thickness that a male skull was 0.25 inch (6.5 millimeters), if the typical thickness that a female skull was 0.28 inch (7.1 millimeters).

Women had smaller skulls than men on mean though, through an mean front to ago measurement of 6.7 customs (171 millimeters) and width the 5.5 inch (140 millimeters). Men"s skulls averaged 6.9 customs (176 millimeters) by 5.7 inch (145 millimeters).

"Skull thickness differences in between genders are confirmed in our study," Ruan said. "The following step will certainly be to uncover out how these distinctions translate right into head affect response that male and female, and also then we can architecture the countermeasure because that head protection."

While a thicker skull provides an ext protection in a head injury, skull form is also a factor. It will certainly take much more research to recognize which feature is more important, the researchers said.

Another detect of the study, detailed in the many recent concern of the International newspaper of car Safety, was that skulls thin through age.

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