How to fill a floor Jack – If girlfriend own and also use a hydraulic floor jack, you will desire to for sure you keep the the hydraulic fluid level at complete for proper and also safe operation.

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You should examine your fluid level at least once every 12 months, much more often if you usage the jack typically (like in a workshop situation).

If you an alert any excess liquid on or around the Jack you have to check and also top up the liquid level if required.

The listed below steps will quickly and also easily show you how to refill a floor jack.

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How to fill a floor Jack – The 6 steps

Step 1 – The an initial thing friend will must is loosen the Jacks release valve. Pictured below you have the right to see the relax valve usually comes in two variety’s one v a flat head screwdriver fitting the other with a fitting the employs place the handle over it and turning counter clockwise.

Newer garage jacks actually have the relax valve constructed into the basic of the manage fitting, because that these jacks you just turn the take care of counter-clockwise to relax the valve.

Check your owner’s manual to recognize where your relax valve is located on your details service jack.

Turning the release valve will reduced the lift eight of the jack, save the valve open, enabling the arm to drop come its lowest position before moving on come the next step.

Step 2 – next you will desire to remove the oil filler plug. When again refer to your operatingmanual to determine where the filler plug is located.

Usually you will certainly ply or unscrew the oil filler plug / cap.

how to fill a floor jack - filler cap

Step 3 – when the oil filler plug or cap has been eliminated grab a torch (flash-light) and check the current oil level. If the within cylinders space exposed girlfriend will need to include some oil.

filler lid hydraulic fluid level

Step 4 – using the a great quality hydraulic fluid, we recommend the Liquid Wrench Jack oil found here, just squeeze the bottle or deserve to into the oil filler hole until the cylinders of the jack are simply covered.

Adding Hydraulic liquid to Garage Jack

Step 5 – change the filler plug, either by screwing or pushing the cap back on (this will differ from Jack come Jack).

Step 6 – Wipe up any type of fluid spillage making use of a rag. It’s in reality a an excellent idea come then rub the oily rag end the jack itself, it will certainly not only help clean the jack, but assist prevent rusting.

There you have actually it, 6 simple steps to pour it until it is full or refilling her hydraulic jack.

So currently you know how to to fill a floor jack, girlfriend shouldperform an liquid level check at the very least once every 12 months or sooner and keep her eye out for any kind of oil leaks.

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Preforming the above check and refill procedure along with regular maintenancewill for sure you assist keep your Jack in good working bespeak for numerous years to come.