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You befriend a mermaid speak to lock underwater and also ask around their components they will offer you magic kelp climate eat the 50/50 possibility it will certainly work and if it won"t .

If u have a computer system at the key menu whereby u choose start a brand-new game or fill one push shift-control-c at the same time then form in trial and error cheats permitted true hit get in then load your game. Then as soon as in video game go come lifetime joy tab host control and also click like crazy in the empty spot wherein treasure chest is.

The easier method than befriending a mermaid to come to be a mermaid is to walk to the lifetime happiness awards and scroll it rotates you uncover Mermadic kelp and try to gain 25,000 joy points to buy it and also to acquire the most happiness points is to end up your lifetime wish and also this will work every time.

What you do is do your center rich. And how is that i make there life time wish to it is in rich. Then you carry out control-shift-c and also just save typing motherlode. Then it will certainly make the wish complete so then your sim have the right to be a mermaid!

No, a far better way is to befriend a mermaid, due to the fact that I uncover it hard to finish a life time wish. Perform not acquire mermedic kelp from salty Sea worth, or King Triton. Find one more mermaid instead. Ask around Mermaid Parts, climate I believe they offer you the kelp, you eat it. And also it may or might not work depending on who offered it to you. If girlfriend ask King Triton, he will say other snobby. Yet if friend ask salty, he will give you it, but it renders you sick. :T it is all i know

Get that from the lifetime rewards, soo lot easier. Although, gift a mermaid is no as funny as friend think that is, in my opinion anyway. Happy simming!



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