I have actually been can not to breed Gem dragons for about four month now. It happened roughly the time I got to Level 45, also though the two might be completely unrelated.

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Each month, I try breeding the existing Gem dragon, and I repeat the exact same breaking over and also over again. Sometimes I also have both the cave and island working on a Gem dragon. For the last 4 months, no luck. I even use high-level dragons, usually over 15.

I use the guidelines on DragonVale Sandbox (also cross-ref with DragonCalc). Appropriate now, I'm trying because that the Turquoise dragon making use of Poison & Swamp. If i don't obtain a gem by the finish of the month, I'm dropping DV alltogether.

Anyone else having this problem?

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I'm level 50, and got myself a turquoise last week. I'm sure it's simply chance - periodically you acquire amazingly great runs, occasionally you get amazingly bad runs. During the aquamarine month (march, i believe), I obtained three aquamarines in a row, turn off level ten parents in the cave. Statistically highly unlikely, yet it happens. Store trying, you'll obtain one.

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I'm sorry but as somebody who's effectively bred every dragon due to the fact that March without speeding up or anything favor that, I have trouble believing what you're speak without an ext details.

I check DragonVale more often than most. I shot not to let my breeding facilities stay in a state that no manufacturing at any time - that is to say, I shot to begin a brand-new breed as quickly as feasible after the critical one finished. Ns assume most world play prefer that, possibly I'm wrong. As soon as again, I'd like to reiterate that i haven't let go a dragon due to the fact that Celtic earlier in March. I'm no saying this to brag, I'm simply bringing the up together a suggest of contention. How can your luck be so bad that after trying come 30 days right of consistent re-breeding, girlfriend don't acquire a solitary gemstone dragon... For four months? I simply don't believe it. Mainly because you imply that girlfriend don't try for various other dragons while gemstones are out. Did you take it a break from trying for Peridot to walk for Amber or Autumn? did you take it a rest from Opal because that Ghost/Zombie? go you take it a rest from Topaz to try for Jet? I'm ready to bet numerous (or all) the these are true. Well, DragonVale needs repetition and patience. Occasionally you have actually to emphasis on one dragon prior to moving top top the next. Gemstones have actually some the the lowest successful breed rates, gift beaten out by the Rainbow/Double Rainbow dragons and also maybe a pair others. They're not as simple to gain as many other restricted dragons. Unless you've been reproduction Poison/Swamp at least two/three time a day in your cave and also island all month, I'd speak you don't yes, really have any type of basis because that quitting if you don't gain Turquoise.

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Sorry because that the large rant, but around once a week this subptcouncil.net has actually it's typical "Trouble breeding the _____ Dragon" thread and also it's really annoying. It's not favor Backflip accidentally has these random glitches rampant in peoples' gamings where they just can't breed certain dragons. It would have actually been established long ago and the video game would have failed because of it or Backflip would have gotten it fixed. This is a LUCK based game. Ns don't know just how else come say that.

Go come the simulator ~ above the sandbox here. Set the opportunities to 7% (the possibilities of Turquoise in the breeding Island) and also press simulate, then look at "worst slump." Granted, these are statistical probabilities and not really numbers, yet I imagine your worst slump is what in the hundreds. That means that even with improved reproduction chances, you can potentially have over a hundred each other in a row (if you bred that pair a million times) whereby you don't acquire your Turquoise dragon. Together unlikely as it is, you could just be having a poor slump. In i m sorry case, girlfriend can't really blame the game for your bad luck (though friend can definitely quit if you want.)