In analysis the wiki because that trying to acquire rainbow dragons ns am seeing world talk around an emerald dragon. I have the right to not but find any other information on this dragon. Is it real and if therefore what space it"s elements and also breeding times?



According to the Wiki:

The Emerald Dragon can be bred by picking a crystal Dragon to mate through a Lichen Dragon at the reproduction Cave/Epic reproduction Island.

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This wouldn"t it is in the an initial time they"ve make a dragon just breedable by a solitary pairing (the Sakura dragon used to be), for this reason I"d stick v that combo until an ext pairings room confirmed.

Interestingly, Emerald dragons can"t be bred v eachother:

The Emerald Dragon can not be bred with any other dragon, including breeding with another Emerald Dragon.

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Yes, it is real, and also I got mine by breeding a Crystal and a Lichen. Dont usage a Lichen, climate a Crystal, various other wise, u will certainly never acquire it. Because that me, I obtained mine top top the 3rd try, so i think is is easy. Also, if u usage the epic reproduction island, it offers u a 25% much better chance of u gaining one. (Sry bout the u"s, ns m making use of my phone)

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