A fixture using this type of bulb burned out of me. All of my searching seems to indicate that these are often spring-loaded but I applied significant force to both sides with no give. I feel so ashamed being defeated by a lightbulb.... how to I replace this?

I am able to jiggle the bulb around in the socket so I know it"s not corroded into place but I feel that I"m applying far to much force than should be required.

I suppose it"s possible that it is spring loaded but that I don"t know where to apply the pressure.


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I ran into the same problem - everyone said it was spring loaded but even with considerable force the bulb barely moved. But as one person says above, you only need the bulb to move slight to be able to remove it. You will note that on one side there is a gap in the white plastic holding the bulb in place - in the photo above, you can see the gap on the right side. That is where you slide the bulb out of the holder. Put on leather gloves, push the bulb towards the other end and then slide the bulb out through that gap.


It"s an extraordinarily stupid design. Neither side is spring loaded. It relies on the flexibility of the metal bracket to separate enough to get the bulb in. Requires very substantial force, to the point that you are convinced you"ll break the bulb.


Even after applying pressure no spring seemed to give sufficiently. It turns out that this fixture is setup so there isn"t as much clearance as I would have expected. A little pulling and the bulb came out.


Actually, if you push one end to the right, and the other end down, you can then pull the right end out.


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