Car trunks space lit by a stems light because that both convenience and also safety. Instead of a bad bulb is vital for night emergency roadside situations.

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This step-by-step overview will outline exactly how to change the light bulb (or bulbs) in her vehicle’s stems or cargo area when your current bulb has failed. This might seem prefer a tiny or trivial device of her vehicle, yet having one operational light in your trunk may end up being a very huge deal if, because that instance, you gain a flat tire ~ above a dark road. Friend will require to accessibility the spare, a jack, and also a tires iron in a tire adjust scenario, and all of these points are practically always situated in the tribe or cargo area of her car.

Part 1 of 2: removed the old trunk light bulb

Materials Needed

Box finish or socket wrench (whichever is applicable for disconnecting your battery terminals)FlashlightFlathead screwdriverGloves

Step 1: Disconnect the battery. Use a box end or socket wrench to disconnect the clamp hold the negative battery cable to the an adverse terminal ~ above the car battery.

This will prevent you indigenous blowing a fuse, yet it is likewise a good habit to construct as a very first step to any kind of service or repair involving an electrical part on your vehicle.

Step 2: find the trunk irradiate bulb. Popular music the trunk open up with your key or the manage on the driver’s next floorboard to accessibility the stems or cargo area of your vehicle.

The light bulb might be placed on the underside that the stems door itself, or it might be situated on the roof the the inside of the vehicle’s cargo area. Use a flashlight if crucial to discover the irradiate bulb.

Step 3: eliminate the stems light bulb housing. Use a flathead screwdriver, or your fingernail if girlfriend can, gently get under the lip that the housing along each side. Be gentle and patient, and the next that desires to come out an initial will begin to come loose.

Warning: You carry out not want to break the plastic tabs on the housing, together they are fairly expensive to replace because they space uncommonly serviced parts. If you rest one, you will certainly likely have to buy a replacement from a dealership.

Note: You will certainly not generally need to remove the housing entirely. There room going to it is in wires to run to the housing, and these will certainly not enable you to eliminate it fully without very first removing the electric connector. In many cases, for this specific repair you only must pull the end the housing enough to access the bulb.

Step 4: remove the old irradiate bulb. Usage latex or rubber coated gloves come gently traction the irradiate bulb the end of the socket. If you shot to execute this through bare fingers, the oil in your hand might make it slip, and in the off-chance that you squeeze the bulb as well hard and also break it, you are less likely to cut yourself if wearing gloves.

Warning: Be an extremely careful not to rest this bulb. This advice is not only for your safety, however just as importantly, if the basic of the damaged light bulb gets stuck in the socket, you will have actually quite a tricky instance on her hands. Protect against these worries by utilizing caution when removing the old light bulb.

Part 2 the 2: installation the brand-new trunk light bulb

Step 1: Reinstall the light bulb and housing. Utilizing gloves, insert the base of the light bulb right into the socket of the light bulb housing. There space two basic types of light bulbs provided in this application, yet both room designed to be installed in one of two people direction.

Type 1 is similar to a family light bulb. These install v either a an easy push or with a “push in and also twist” motion.

Type 2 has a cylinder shape and is associated by two clips or spring-loaded tabs.

Once you have actually inserted the new bulb, change the real estate into the automobile by tenderness guiding and also pressing it ago into place.

Step 2: Reconnect the battery and also test the new bulb. Slide the an unfavorable battery terminal end the negative post of the battery and, utilizing the box end or socket wrench, tighten the terminal cable.

At this point, the project is complete, you just need to test the brand-new bulb. Even without the secrets in the vehicle’s ignition, friend should have actually an operational trunk battery. Walk about the vehicle and also verify that the light has illuminated.

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Then close the trunk, clean up the tools, and also you space finished.

After reading through this steps, if you are still uncomfortable tackling this project yourself, or if you’d just rather have actually a expert perform the repair, one of the experienced technicians at can pertained to your residence or office at your convenience and also replace her trunk light pear for you.