Skate 3 has an abundance of tricks that you have the right to do which are really fun to traction off. Lock can additionally lead to some cool, yet silly looking lines and also combos! among these tricks is the coffin, so here is exactly how to execute a coffin because that that added touch.

How to carry out a Coffin

In Skate 3, the coffin will have actually your skater lay level on their earlier whilst on the skateboard, and also they will proceed rolling about whilst laid down. To enact a coffin the is fairly easy, just simply:

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press the Right and Left Triggers together.Then, whilst keeping the triggers pressed, Press A and X on Xbox or X and Square top top PlayStation.Steer together usual using the Left Thumbstick.

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Fun things to Try

This cheat looks particularly cool when gaining some massive air or going with really narrow gaps, so try getting right into a coffin and also see whereby you have the right to fit through! areas that have actually prominently featured in epic an obstacle videos have been the likes of in between telephone polls and across the shipping containers at the harbour.

You can also technically perform coffin flips, which look a little bit like once Homer Simpson drops out the earlier of that ambulance into a canyon... However with more style! So try flipping your skater about off of the Mega Ramp whilst in a coffin too to check out what gnarly positions you can finish up in.

Of course, friend don"t actually have to use the coffin in any kind of trick present if you don"t want to. Another fun point to execute is to start from the top of the map past PCU (Port Carverton University) and also to coffin your way down come the Carverton Shredathon park at the bottom, make the efforts to evade all the dare on the method down - or going underneath them if you"re brave!

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