I"m finally opening up rose again woo :"DI"ve also adjusted the price C:Headshot:Price: $1 or 80 pointsOr A an excellent short spiked collar**Fullbody Examples**Price: $2 or 160 pointsOr any type of bad long spiked collarSLOTS:1. MRT-Gwam2.3.4.5.Comment below if you would favor to the supervisory board me :D

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To review this through a an elaborate Layout WITH source code, watch https://viclou.ptcouncil.net.com/journal/ptcouncil.net-lt-font-gt-Formatting-Guide-261232088IntroductionDid YOU understand that you have the right to use the tag in boxes, journals, descriptions, and also in litterature?Well, yes friend can! No Premium member REQUIRED!To prove my point, :eyes: below!Test.Test.Test.Test.Test.LOL!The TagDid you enjoy the amazing presentation that the "Test." message above? Well, here"s the source code:Test.Test.Test.

FONTS ~ above ptcouncil.netThere are several things you deserve to do v dA"s text. You can use Italics, Bold, Underline, Strikethrough, and also even readjust font confront or font type. However, over there aren"t numerous directions on exactly how to carry out these things. So, I"m walking to provide you a fast semi-tutorial on just how to work these. These attributes are easy enough to use once you understand what you"re doing. Friend just have to learn tags. You deserve to visit this link to learn around some other typical HTML tags.The Simpleist tags to usage Are: to start italics and to end the italics to start bold and to finish the bold to begin bold and also to end

Community WeekYour profile web page is the first thing human being will see once they click on your name, therefore it"s really important to leave a great impression! This article will provide some beneficial tips and also tricks because that both premium and non-premium members who desire to convert their profile right into their own, distinct page. First off, part Do"s and Don"ts of file decoration:Do:Use dA"s file widgets-- there are lots of good options to chose fromShow off part art (that"s what human being are below for!)Express your personality v colors, stamps, gifs, etc.Don"t:Add so countless images the your file takes forever to loadUse garish or headache-inducin

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Profile Presentation: Tips and also TricksYour profile page deserve to say quite a bit around what sort of human being you are, and having a well-designed profile page will aid ensure that your travellers leave with a great impression that you and your work. And if you execute a remarkable fabulous project at creating your profile, world will not just be impressed, however they will likewise keep coming earlier to take an additional look. In this article, I will certainly go end some useful tips and also tricks because that making her profile look expert but additionally personalized! :heart:This post is greatly directed in the direction of Premium Members, however non-Premium members deserve to still use several of these concepts